Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Living today
You know We are just people
We all are afraid of change
We all are afraid to shine Like the stars
Dance with the wind
Each of us loves
Passions like swelling hearts
Luscious fruits
Then let them wither unpicked
You who cowers in the branches
Afraid to take the prize
We have this gift of life
So bright and full
Too afraid
To open our hearts
Bear our souls
Live now and always
Give and receive
I too know this dance of shame
This path of self-destruction
You will never find full fields
Plentiful harvests reaped
The seeds still sit in the shed
Beside the unborn child
Of creativity
Sat down beside crayons still in the box
Words never unravelled
Dreams never flown
In perfect bows
On the tails of kites

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