Thursday, December 17, 2015


I thought at first
I had the words but I lacked the experience;
Now I have the experience,
But can't find the words.

I am reminded of more inspiring times,
Of literary figures
Who rose like the sun,
Illuminating my journey.

Many of them have now faded away,
Drifted out of sight
Perhaps extinguished
With the suddeness
Of a candle being snuffed by a draft.

I hold the last lantern,
Straining my eyes in the gloom,
Dragging my feet in slow loops,
Like pencil lead
Rewriting the chapters of my life.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


This poem is a creation using 15 words from a random word generator. 

Have you heard the scandal?
I had the appointment from hell!
I tread lightly into my boss's office
Wearing my red anorak with the fur lining.
It was my birthday, 
And overall I would have preferred
A fix of hot cocoa
To that talk.
Popping my head around the corner,
My boss started in on me 
About the commercial,
And how my stray innovation
Was earning me a place in the doghouse.
Needless to say it was the meeting of the century! 

Friday, August 7, 2015


You used to amuse me,
To muse me,
My audience
My critic
My patron.
I'd dream of dragons
Soaring free
In cloudless skies,
But now it's grey.
And you are gone,
My inspiration fades away.
I dally through a silent night
And sleep away a lonely day.
My muse is gone,
My thoughts have dulled,
My pen is stashed away.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Smoke Screen

My world burns,
Literally and metaphorically.

Toxic smoke covers the landscape.
The wind wafts the scent,
Of one of God's greatest campfires.

Climate change is real,
But is this a product of it,
Or is it part of the natural order of things...
Weather that ebbs and flows?
Nature is not as predictable as we like to believe.
Men and women like to dominate nature,
But in the end the Earth will outlive us all!

You can deny climate change,
Species will die,
Until the Earth cannot sustain us.
And we will be just the latest of the mass extinctions;
We'll go the way of the dinosaurs,
But Earth will survive us
(And cockroaches).

We live unsustainably,
Pursuing a culture of mass consumption,
Poisoning ourselves slowly.
Is it too late to reverse this devastation?
World leaders pretending not to see it,
Denying science,
Silencing dissent.

Our world burns.

And Mother Nature will be cooking s'mores
Long after we are gone,
Telling ghost stories about humanity,
Cautionary tales whispered in the fossil record,
Left for future species to find.

Friday, May 22, 2015


In my dreams
Monks laugh
And drink Pepsi 
Under tarps in markets
Where the air is thick and warm
Wafting scents of spices and fish
Coking sausages
And pungent durian
Eyes adjust from glaring sun
To shadowy passages
Between stalls

In my dreams
I weave my way 
Through colourful crowds
In loose clothing
Past jungles of ferns and orchids
And crates of fresh yellow mangoes
Spiky rambutans
Plump dragon fruit
Chasing a woman on a mission
For fried potatoes and plantains

The monks in burnt orange
Have nowhere to go
Content drinking syrupy liquid
Relaxing in the afternoon heat
Present and aware


You sweep a wide arch in front of me
Black on black
Gleaming in the sun
My foot falls fast on the pedal
As your life flashes before my eyes
One short instant
Torn apart by greying asphalt
Before you ride clear
Leaving me in awe of life’s fragility
Sharpening the landscape
Casting the afternoon in a dream-like glow

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Wind's Tricks

 With apologies to my mother.

South Wind, you mock me
As I grieve.
I implore the heavens for a vision
And instead am blinded by tiny snowflakes.

These tears that stain my face will never dry.
They are my gifts, left unspoken, to the children.

I think of my mother's face, creased in crowsfeet,
Lines of laughter and joy.

Mother, I am growing older too,
But my face is etched with a furrowed brow,
Lines of worry and despair.

I always dreamed of laugh lines,
Carving out memories of a happy life,
But fate had its own mind.

You were always the strong one,
A shining example to look up to.
You have vision.

I forsook that path for rebellion,
Teenage angst and a will for adventure.

Now I stand in the ruins
Of wandering whimsy,
The North Wind's winding path,
Abandoning me like an Ijiraq.

I will shed these tears for the children.
I hope they will grow old,
With faces lined with laughter.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cosmic Dreams

For E and Troy and Vicki

I remember all my shooting stars
Shining so bright, lighting the way,
But the atmosphere was too great 
And space was too dark,
So they fizzled away.

And I want to be a rising star
But I feel like my orbit is too low,
And my spark is too small.
I try to shine brightly
But the darkness closes in
Threatening to engulf me.

Where are all my shooting stars?
They shined so brightly 
But too soon they were gone,
Leaving me all alone
In this empty vacuum of space,
Thinking, wondering, dreaming,
Cast upon a different path.

I am no star,
Just a faithful planet
Plodding my course,
My path preset by fate,
Dreaming I was a shooting star.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


It seems that God has come to me,
A religious tourist,
Bidding me to walk across hot coals
To find salvation.
He baptizes me with tears,
Cleansing away my demons
So that I may walk without fear
Of the shadow of death.
He snatches me from the teeth of wolves,
Breathes holy spirit upon my face,
Then leads me through the curtain
Where at last it is unveiled.
God undresses to stand before me,
A woman.
Then she chuckles and turn around to reveal
Another zipper.
My fingers fumble
Until, at last, I am assailed with the flash
Of the Big Bang.
And all the Cosmos slowly slip out...
So that I am but a tiny speck,
And it seems that God has come to me,
Because my body is a temple.
And within it shines
The same cosmic light.