Sunday, February 15, 2015


It seems that God has come to me,
A religious tourist,
Bidding me to walk across hot coals
To find salvation.
He baptizes me with tears,
Cleansing away my demons
So that I may walk without fear
Of the shadow of death.
He snatches me from the teeth of wolves,
Breathes holy spirit upon my face,
Then leads me through the curtain
Where at last it is unveiled.
God undresses to stand before me,
A woman.
Then she chuckles and turn around to reveal
Another zipper.
My fingers fumble
Until, at last, I am assailed with the flash
Of the Big Bang.
And all the Cosmos slowly slip out...
So that I am but a tiny speck,
And it seems that God has come to me,
Because my body is a temple.
And within it shines
The same cosmic light.

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