Saturday, August 8, 2015


This poem is a creation using 15 words from a random word generator. 

Have you heard the scandal?
I had the appointment from hell!
I tread lightly into my boss's office
Wearing my red anorak with the fur lining.
It was my birthday, 
And overall I would have preferred
A fix of hot cocoa
To that talk.
Popping my head around the corner,
My boss started in on me 
About the commercial,
And how my stray innovation
Was earning me a place in the doghouse.
Needless to say it was the meeting of the century! 

Friday, August 7, 2015


You used to amuse me,
To muse me,
My audience
My critic
My patron.
I'd dream of dragons
Soaring free
In cloudless skies,
But now it's grey.
And you are gone,
My inspiration fades away.
I dally through a silent night
And sleep away a lonely day.
My muse is gone,
My thoughts have dulled,
My pen is stashed away.