Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting Older

Getting Older
But still a child inside
Looking out the window
At sunny skies
Trapped between white walls
Wanting to chase fireflies
Catch lightning in a jar

Getting Older
It seems the work is never done
My back is aching
I never have any fun
I need a break now
To enjoy life's spring
Fade into summer

Getting Older
I see it more and more each day
If I looked into a looking glass
I'm sure I'd see grey
My face is wrinkles
And each word that I say
Is obslete, outdated, and lame

Getting Older
But I'm still a child at heart
I'm a Old Soul
And perhaps an Old Fart
But laugh a little
Take these memories to heart
Living in each moment

Getting Older
As the years fade away
It seems too quickly
And I wish they would stay
A moment longer
But living without regrets
I cherish today


You make me fly,
Whisper words of poetry.
We are equal.

Our embrace,
Takes place
In nouns and verbs.
We connect in plural.
Divine mastery
Of symmetry.

We create,
You the poet
And I the page,
One being.

Our love
Reaches roots
In the soil of linguistics,
Spurs in the seas of intellect.
It is completely rational,
And crazy.
Sweet Nectar,
On the lips of Lust.

Our feelings
Are wordless,
Beyond expression.
You read between the lines.

Not Forgotten

Me alone
I wanted this
Left alone
An empty fist
No more bottles
No more booze
No drugs or sex
Nothing to loose
Dreaded inlaws
Bad movies, cars,
Rock and roll, or cheap cigars
Lies and cheating
I’ve seen it all
You want to talk
You had a ball
Walking all over my conscience and
Smoozing me with fake contraband
You fucking liar
You lousy cheat
Grow some balls
Stand on your feet
Look me square into my eyes
Tell me again your stupid lies
And where you once found kindness, love
You’ll now see
None of the above
There is no pity
No sympathy
My eyes are cold
Because you’re dead to me
I’ve not forgotten
My regret
If I forgive
I won’t forget

Flower Petals

I always thought
I was stuck in the past
But you make me see the future
I can fold back time like flower petals
Unravel each layer
And for once
Feel I’m not alone
I see light radiating from nowhere
You show me
It’s okay to be less than perfect
Let me forget
To be afraid
Cause me
To belong


Black feet
Glistening breast
Playing ball on the floor
Shouting, laughing
It only takes two
Eyes lock
And the world spins
Laying upside down
Trying to remember
When pleasure last was felt


You pushed your motorcycle home
Flat tire
I waited. Hands covered with flour
The kitchen wrapped me in its warm embrace
Let me feel safe
I think what I love most
Is that you’re unpredictable
I feel myself letting down emotion guards
You trap me in the physical
All else fades away
Sometimes when I’m alone
The doubt creeps back in
But mostly you complete me
It’s an unstrained kind of relationship
Zero expectations
Pleasant surprises
You make dreams come true
Together we are building a home

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Linked in

Linked in
To this myriad of interlinks
Of flowers waiting to blossom
Strands of broken spider webs
Blowing in the wind.
I didn’t forget myself,
Well maybe just for a second
I didn’t spend all day
Sandwiched between 4 white walls
Unaware as the consumed me whole
I can’t figure out this feeling of aching
There is this void inside of me
I can think of nothing to fill it but
And as I bashfully look for larger pants
I feel less whole than ever.
A world that revolves around
Stretches out at my fingertips
I embrace it and forget myself
Lose all mindfulness
Forget the soothing green of springtime leaves
And fall into the limbo of


I can tell you
Pleasant conversation
Are welcome relief to this
Rat Race
Busy-ness of business
Step, step, step
One straight line
Production and efficiency
Bar graphs
And numbers without faces
It would be nice sometimes
Just to sip tea
And recline
Blur the lines
Turn off the white noise
And minutes become minutes
Once again

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Purposeful Forgetting

Fireflies in jars
Jams and jellies
Honey Pots
And summer spoils
Bountiful harvest
Reap and sew
Sun tea and relished shade
Hide away from winter

Political Unrest

I frown tall
Cry out displeasure
Standing like a human billboard
Protesting lack of substance
False promises.
1+1+1+1 can never equal 5
1+1+1+a fraction
And 1 stands alone
Addition falters
Subtraction tries to take over
Division succeeds
And then there is multiplication
Of doubts
Of fears
Of resignation
A pyramid of
Falls back down
And up rises a nation.


Thrum Thrum
The world pulses
It blurs around the edges
You walk, dreamlike
They look at your glazed eyes
And curse you for sucking on a blasphemous weed
They say it isn’t natural
You chuckle like dancing sun rays
You bellow out laughs like springtime and moon slivers
You see clouds form silver and ripple the world with each breath
You never took one gulp of insidious smoke
Never touched your lips to the forbidden fruits
You ran your fingers through waist-high grass
Shouted praises to the songbirds
Swam in sacred waters
Delighted at a baby’s birth
But they have grown detached
Search out excuses
For why you shouldn’t be happy
Seek out the end of Dreamtime


They say insanity is real.
But why does madness only blossom if you believe in it?
The world was right before.
Then you let go...
And falling
......Found yourself
...........Afraid and wanting Meaning
Gave way to diagnosis and acceptance
Falling into made up worlds of sickness
And found the cure again
When you forgot it all.
Cycling through instability
Finding strength
Then spiralling down again.


I awake
Am I just Manic
Or is this just the situation
Finding hidden meaning
Behind day to day things
I can only hope what glimmers
That I grasp
Is truly there
I am not one to imagine tensions
Yet I see dragons circling
Fierce claws
Curtains of darkness.
Sometimes I feel so helpless.
Little moments of despair that bud
And fade away.
Strength then gleams again
Glistening like beads of sweat.
Slick and sheer.
Enveloping all.

Survival pt. 1

The grasses of the plains knelt in reverence to the passing winds. There were still patches of snow here and there and puddles splattered across the landscape. Keisha straightened up with determination. She hugged her sweater closer as the icy wind nipped at her skin. She climbed onto her quad. It was slow going with the trailer in tow but she knew she was better off than a lot of folk. She raised her hand to the horizon, gauging how many hours of daylight she had left. She would need to find a place to camp for the night soon. She started the ignition and her dog, Tier, ran into view. He jumped up into the trailer, panting with excitement. At least someone is having a good time, she thought grimly. She started off across the fields searching out shelter among the trees that grew along their edges. She could only guess her journey would be another 300km and she wasn’t sure she’d have enough fuel in the jerry cans sitting in her trailer. Even worse, she feared the countryside would become hostile if she came too close to any settlements. She had been as prepared for this as she could be but at the moment it didn’t seem to be enough. It had be a strange couple of months, riddled with natural disasters and human catastrophe. It seemed that the world was falling down around her, and she would have to weather these changes. She smiled bitterly as she thought about how she had been living. Perhaps she deserved this. People on this land had been living beyond their means for too long. Regardless, it was going to be a long and arduous journey if she was forced to continue on foot at some point and she would have to leave behind a lot of her supplies.

To the east she saw a likely spot to make camp and she started towards it. The sun was creeping lower in the sky as she came to a stop and pulled out the little pup tent in the trailer. She stuffed a piece of dehydrated meat in her mouth and chewed while she set it up. She gave one to Tier, who gobbled it down greedily and looked up expectantly. “No more,” she said, “We need to conserve our rations.” Tier whined slightly. “Sorry boy, but you should go hunt a squirrel if you’re still hungry.” She said. She took the bag with all the food and began hoisting it into a nearby tree. Tier whined again but sat down with some resignation. Keisha’s stomach grumbled its own complaints for the tiny meal. She sighed and crawled into the tent. Tier followed closely at her heels so that they were soon cramped into the tiny tent, uncomfortable but warm. Keisha lay there for awhile listening to the sounds of night falling before drifting off into an uneasy sleep.