Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting Older

Getting Older
But still a child inside
Looking out the window
At sunny skies
Trapped between white walls
Wanting to chase fireflies
Catch lightning in a jar

Getting Older
It seems the work is never done
My back is aching
I never have any fun
I need a break now
To enjoy life's spring
Fade into summer

Getting Older
I see it more and more each day
If I looked into a looking glass
I'm sure I'd see grey
My face is wrinkles
And each word that I say
Is obslete, outdated, and lame

Getting Older
But I'm still a child at heart
I'm a Old Soul
And perhaps an Old Fart
But laugh a little
Take these memories to heart
Living in each moment

Getting Older
As the years fade away
It seems too quickly
And I wish they would stay
A moment longer
But living without regrets
I cherish today

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