Sunday, January 29, 2012


Creativity has died
Falling into sharp reminders
Memos written in black ink
Compute screens glaring
Phones blaring
Trapped in institutional white
Papers, papers
Flying like gulls
Watch this empire fall
Slaves of economics
Living for our pockets
What's most important
Has been lost

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Government Office

Enter Government Office.

Worker: [Standard Greeting] What can I help you with?
You: I have this [Government Document].

Document is given to Worker.

Worker: Is your address [Personal Information]?
You: Yes.
Worker: Is this [Private Information] correct?
You: Yes, it is my understanding that [Reference to Government Policy], therefore [Logical Conclusion.]
Worker: Very well, can I see your [Assumed Personal Identification Card Based on the Conversation so Far]?

Required Identification is presented for examination. Worker scrutinizes the image against your face.

Worker: Here is your copy of [Government Form]. You can expect your [Desired Service] by [Vague Date Which is Subject to Change].
You: [Insincere Expression of Appreciation].
Worker: [Insincere Salutation and Well-Wishing].
You: [Reciprocal Remark].

Exit Government Office.