Monday, May 30, 2011

When You're Not Allowed to Dance

My response to this video:

Sorry about the poor sound quality/editing. I am currently not really set up for recording audio.

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This is America
This is America

When you're not allowed to dance.
This is a police state,
Makes you hesitate;
You're not allowed to dance.
Even Jefferson is thinkin' of defectin' now.
You see the violence on the interlinks
And wonder how.

This is America
This is America

Land of the free.
But not for blacks, or army vets, or people with
This is no place for average-joes who love to live.
To sing, and kiss, and dance, and smile
And share, and give.

This is America
This is America

What's happened here?
Soon it will be a jail sentence just to cheer.
It used to be about opportunities and independence,
Now that's not even worth the mention...
In America.

This is America

Friday, May 20, 2011

Skies of Melon

Skies of Melon
Dark curry stains
The chance of rain
Words and deeds and busy streets
Rehearsed speech
Voices calling
Dogs at feet
Strange perfumes
Rainbow spices
Things that are too hot
Like stirfry over rice
And summer afternoons
And shoes with socks
Rambutan glow
Incense and candles
Repeated refrains
Too much bugspray
Ants in the kitchen
A/C and 22 Baht
The night goes black

Up Here

Up here
I thought that 3 were 5
That words were clouds
And seeds were skies
Up here where trees and bees
Are shy
I thought these things
Up here