Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Moon and the Sun

You are turning me
Into the kind of person
I had always hoped to be
But never believed possible
You erase barriers
Like pencil lines
Create a future
I was unable to see.
How do you know
The right things to say
When I don't have the courage
To admit my feelings?
You always know
Anticipate each thought
As though our thoughts
Are connected.
I feel unburdened
The sunrise
Suddenly becomes hopeful
You make me feel like
I too could dance across the sky
Shining brightly
My whole exposed
Unafraid what others see.


How we see ourselves:
I am walking along
In the summer heat
Wondering how
To make all the ends meet
Hyper aware of passers-by
Afraid anyone
Will meet my eye
They are probably seeing
Some old bum
Who has tangled bed-head
And is dressed really poor
They probably scoff as they pass
Wondering why I would go out
Looking like that
They judge me right on the spot
As if clothes make up
What we are and we're not

How others see us:
Look at the beautiful girl walking by
She has it all
And she won't meet my eye
Because she knows what a loser I am
Look at that confidence
The way she holds herself
I wish for once I felt
Like I had it all
But now I am late for work
Because I wish it was my day off
Like her
That I could walk along in the sun
With a bottle of Coke and sunglasses on
But instead I am trying to make ends meet
Look at her having fun
Beating the heat
I bet she didn't even notice me

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Not the Same

Soul Mates
Who could say
Any day
Whose a soulmate?
Our spirits shift intentions over time
We attract those we can learn from
At each moment
We find those we need,
Those who have our best qualities
And our worst
We choose people who mirror
As we appear
At any one time
That is why things fall apart
When we don't take care
When we don't learn acceptance
Of ourselves
When we can't face our own faults
We need to maintain
We need to love
We need to work through all the little things
Soul Mates
Could be anyone any day
Who touches us
We could have 1 or 100
Soul Mates
Aren't the same as those we love


Can you see this line
I'm drawing in the sand?
The one that says
This is what
I decide
I have chosen
And now no one cross the line
What does commitment look like?
It looks like
Footprints in the Sand
One step ahead
Foot after footfall
Even gentle pace
These is no race
No finish line
We need to take our time
Let things happen
Let Mother Earth decide
If the world will
Revolve around I or we
We need to leave to sets
Of footsteps on the beach
The tide can wash them away
But it can't wash away
Our feet
So just keep an even pace
We don't need to race
If tomorrow
These footprints are still here
It's fate

Crystal Dance

The lights are starry bright
Like water droplets
Crystal chandeliers
Suspended by chains
Invisible like spiderweb
The colours reflect in your hair
Sparkle in your eyes
So deep like the ocean
Pools like foreign seas
Hold mysteries
A connection between you and me
We move in one motion
Perfect harmony
Become one body
Our footsteps echo
One voice
Music like fairy harps
Gentle bell or flute
Dreamy dancing
This is a fairytale come true
Silvermoon light shimmerin gown
Glowing air
Loose curls of hair
Cool atmosphere, not cold
But as if surreal
We glide above the floor
In perfect step
Other dancers
Are mere shadows
Of this perfect dance
There is only you and I tonight
Sharing one soul
Perfect flow
Willing this to be
More than just a dream
Don't let me wake up
On sheets of cotton
Pillows of down
To face an empty room
And images fading away
With the touch
Of sun's early morning kiss

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wild Woman

There was a wild woman
Lived under the moon
In a quaint little cottage
With only one room

Her hair was all tangled
Her art just as tame
She did what she wanted
Not looking for fame

She followed the cycles
On blood moon, painted red
And whenever it pleased her
She went back to bed

She cussed and she shouted
She danced and she sang
All through the valley
Her tender voice rang

She drank tea with dainties
And swam in the lake
She did just what she wanted
Never acting fake

There was a wild woman
Lived under the moon
In a quaint little cottage
With only one room


My dreams are like crystal
And life is like diamonds
And sometimes in transitioning
I can't tell them apart

I've been told that I'm a Dreamer
That this idealism
Can never last
But I wonder why so many people
Are too afraid
To hold onto their child-self

It's a dog-eat-dog world
And it's easy to lose your way
But don't worry
You'll find the road back someday

I am always
In a whole other place
Watching myself from above
My amusement is realizing
That I am not my body
None of us are
But so many people
Are caught up in illusion

Live true to your spirit
And you too can be
Like me
A Dreamer

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I was never very good at messing up
I'm afraid to take the blame
Because I don't mess up very often
And when I do I'm ashamed

I not too good at taking praise
Accepting it to be true
I was always expected to be great
Praise was something I barely knew

I was always expected to be good
It was silence that usually met my ears
I learned both criticism and praise
Were things I didn't want to hear

So be patient with me
I am afraid
To be good or bad at anything
When it comes to things I do well
I just want to do and be
And when they pass by silently
I smile from the shadows
And wish you'd set me free
Let me be me
Unafraid of criticism
Open to praise

But please be patient
Right now I'm afraid

One Two One

Why are you sad?
I'm not.
But you're crying.
Because you and I
Have so much in common
Our relationship is complicated
It has been since the beginning
Just in the way we met
But we are like two magnets
In a gentle game
Of attraction
Positive and negative
And I want us to be like two droplets
On a single leaf
We weave a delicate dance like flower petals
I want to let down my guard
Fall into your eyes
We become to moving parts of the same machine
Revolving around one another
I want to slip into a place
Where we become one
Through fluid movements
We can step in perfect harmony
Flow through a flawless waltz
I want to become just an extension
Of a single will
Where you and I
Create such a chemistry of cohesion
That no one can tell us apart
I want to open my heart
Bare my soul
To you
 I want you to brush away
My insecurities
Wrap me in your strong embrace
Tell me that I'm loved
So that you and I

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Living today
You know We are just people
We all are afraid of change
We all are afraid to shine Like the stars
Dance with the wind
Each of us loves
Passions like swelling hearts
Luscious fruits
Then let them wither unpicked
You who cowers in the branches
Afraid to take the prize
We have this gift of life
So bright and full
Too afraid
To open our hearts
Bear our souls
Live now and always
Give and receive
I too know this dance of shame
This path of self-destruction
You will never find full fields
Plentiful harvests reaped
The seeds still sit in the shed
Beside the unborn child
Of creativity
Sat down beside crayons still in the box
Words never unravelled
Dreams never flown
In perfect bows
On the tails of kites


We never wanted to see the end
Of dreams the grew on trees
Carried in the windows
On the evening breeze
And Unity
This was the serenity
That only passion and idealism
Turn into realism
You are the beginning and the end
You taught Canadians to dream
And though you were caught
In this never ending game
Of cat and mouse
Trying to get seats in the House
Of Commons
You knew how to touch individuals
How to open hearts and bring smiles
You were the light in an era
Of confusion
We'll miss you
Friends and foes
We all know
That you were special
We gather together
And remember your life
You taught us to look towards the future
And we hope
To continue on
As bold and bright
As the twinkle in your eyes
You always dared to dream
And we'll remember you for that
We'll write your name in the history books
So our children learn of a great man

Pleasant Dreams

It's the little moments
Things you say
Things left unsaid
Those are the moments when we live
The moments that follow me
Where ever I go
Each day
The moments that find me
As I sleep each night
Peacefully swaying on the ocean of dreams
The honey-sweet air
Warm, and soft
Caresses me
As I drift away

Sunday, August 21, 2011

1,000 Words

A at as am are all able array arise arose arrive arrow arid apple amaze I it is I’m if I’ll iridescent indigo alone elite elegant elephant giraffe gecko demon dragon doll droll troll toll pole pull private pickup truck duck luck trash track tram tame time type tip trip till tile tool touch tape trail trill trap tap total title because baby bracket bra brass bar burr but butt ball bill built bud biscuit axe ask morbid morning mutiny mishap misshapen sharpen shape shutdown shut billboard blackboard drum dumb dame docile dust dusk disaster drastic drama hairbrush closet cloth clothes doorknob shelf poster clock circle picture portrait photo frame hat sash scarf mug cup mirror dresser passport wine glass bottle candle bowl shot cookie tin jar rattle light lamp CD sticker tattoo spiral comb glasses cases sheet pillow mattress box spring bin shampoo soap conditioner medicine pill headband beret heart star oval square rectangle one two three for four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety hundred thousand million billion infinity unity celebrity postcard mango rambutan banana orange apple kiwi teapot teacup saucer milk tuna peach pear apricot cherry blueberry blackberry raspberry strawberry pie cake tart brownie pixie fairy faerie unicorn bat pineapple cantaloupe stereo radio television DVD cellphone text type computer laptop definitely denial toe finger thumb leg knee ankle stomach shoulder chest belly back neck arm elbow wrist hand foot finger thumb knuckle head face nose mouth eye ear eyebrow eyelash galoshes sandal boot shoe slipper sock pants shorts skirts kilt capris t-shirt sweater panties boxers briefs underwear hat visor virus earring necklace lace satin silk corduroy cotton rayon polyester nylon wool knit chicken duck steer rooster cow bull goose gander wander hay hey haystack hallow hollow hype hyper goon goner gum gumbo muffin cupcake pancake crepe tour tower flag raven canoe kayak snow rain sun cloud cumulus storm tornado hurricane twister whirpool riptide tidepool starfish cucumber sea ocean salt beach contacts lipstick mascara nail polish stain powder power plunder matey pillage village town city county country state province island shore dress jumper belt stocking heels bike helmet printer scanner calendar tent plate fork knife wall house apartment room bathroom kitchen bedroom living black white grey blue purple violet green teal turquoise yellow orange red pink tan brown olive pepper salt sugar flour pepperoni ham sausage bacon salami salamander beef pork ground earth onion tomato carrot lettuce spinach garlic broccoli kale squash pumpkin peanut cashew almond acorn chestnut macadamia basil rosemary oregano chili suit tie cilantro cardamom coriander bulb seed silt dugout sail motor barrow barrel hinge lock locket watch strap freckle bear bare pirate daisy tulip iris cutlass sword dagger hilt blade shuriken kendo karate judo martial arts artist paint draw read write poem author prose jargon sentence paragraph essay newspaper magazine snake serpent skull glove toque cap lid slide ladder chain handcuffs cufflink consumer customer employer employee coworker team member corporate distribution initial initiation paper rug mat match max mast master mistress madam document wire plug cord rope binder strap string window roof ceiling floor wood brick stone rock mineral water juice tea coffee espresso cappuccino screw bolt bold italic snail slug rubber plastic silicone helium hydrogen argon carbon oxygen sodium button zipper snap ice frozen hail sleet bow ribbon buckle Velcro jar razor bracelet pencil pen sharpie crayon market eraser china toaster kettle pot peeler skin muscle organ kidney phone spokes spike pike bass trout salmon tuna eel shrimp prawn carp butterfly moth caterpillar worm tube tunnel cave cavern chasm crag peak lamp penny nickel dime quarter loonie toonie car van bus airplane airport pilot helicopter boat skate ski myriad aspiration maple oak leaf ash elm birch pine fir charger sunglasses patch garden row mound hill mountain valley brakes bell pin needle camp peg plaid checkers polka jazz violin saxophone trumpet ambulance police paramedic suture suction lips teeth tongue throat esophagus module blanket heel spine rectum abdomen thorax frizz curl wave foam slime slim sorry thank you please maybe no yes tomorrow today yesterday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday week weekend fortnight tonight last next morning noon night right blight light kite white bite bright blight fight fright flight height might plight right sight slight tight trite reply answer ask inquiry query lens prism pyramid excellent outstanding outward backward forward sideways nostril wig glitz glitch got gave game grime grim grub circus fair wheelchair loose envelope pastel copper gold silver platinum diamond sapphire emerald ruby pearl amethyst oracle moon sun comet psychic medium large small short tall fat thin flat bumpy corner spotlight disco waltz swing seesaw kimono wine beer rum whisky vodka pop soda peroxide hydroxide spastic spasm sperm bracket brand band bland and candy dandy fond frond blonde gland hand land man woman planned pond plow sand stand strand slander sunder tundra trend thread wand wet wilt while rang register danger execute graph gab gobble lump plunge filter whisper shout pray prey predator basket battle bogus bumper stove wok drawer cupboard fridge freezer slab slobber sinister left line spear shield brow wrinkle wink blink sink stink link brink drink gingko mink rink tinker slink zinc ore oar or bye by buy sell stall laser tree bush brush blush badminton tennis basketball football soccer snowboard badge badger tingle tinker thimble fern fumble limber lumber lump lust luster bluster rust gust bluster bust fuss hustle gust must plaster quest west east north south angle radius diameter circumference dirt first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth fraction decimal zero none void tonsil tentacle octopus squid stingray crocodile alligator jellyfish gore tickle cuddle kiss hug cinnamon clove nutmeg evergreen lake hybrid ecology biology physics chemistry meteorology valentine bleach virology beard mustache mustard ketchup toilet shower filament cursor curse cuss scold scald scrape ginger snowball elite sterling stagnant wicker captain corporal soldier keen kempt keeper ghost zombie ghoul vampire werewolf giant ogre compass bogus bonus genuine

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two Minutes More

Two minutes is forever in this world.
Once upon a time
You would have taken days to write a rhyme
Trying to make it perfect.
But today,
There is not rhythm left for literature.
The reason why
Is very simple to define.
I don't need proper punctuation
My grammar lessons go forgotten
I keep pumping out these poems
No one will read
And if they do
They'll skim them once
Then throw them on the heap
Of trash
Never to look back at them again.
I could spend days
Finding the right syllables
Making sure to find the perfect beat,
But no one cares
They won't give it a second glance
It is the casual circumstance
My poems are not worth money anymore.
I could spend my life writing poetry
I could die of exposure on the streets
I cannot claim any job security
Just because I've found the perfect beat.
There is no need for art anymore
It is a lie
We all create
But it has become just another thing we do
A hobby shoved into the back of closets
Crumpled sheets that cannot make a bed.
There is no worth
We have forgotten who we are
We live as slaves in white-washed cells
We go back each day to work in hell
Feel unfulfilled
And can't figure out why.
And two minutes is a lifetime
If don't notice me in that
You never will.
Our attention spans are broken
We are bored by entertainment
We do not appreciate the things we have.
If you had just two minutes left
Before the earth grew still
Would you read this poem?
I don't think so
So I am just here wasting words
Writing things no one will ever read.


There is something in the water,
I didn't want to scare you,
Shadows just below the surface.

I feel eyes.
They look upon us
Just when we thought we were safe
Locked behind closed doors
The curtains drawn.

Naked here we stand
Drenched and shivering.
Our bodies
Little droplets make us shine
Our hair is dripping.
With frightened eyes.

They've found us here
And now there's nowhere left to go.
We cannot hide.

Each glass we drink
Is life sustaining,
And slowing poisoning.
Our plague.

And sure we've heard it all before
Preached off of soapboxes
With no one there to hear.

But now it's real
And we're afraid,
There's something in the water.

This Drum

You sit 'round this drum
Hide drawn tight
Over fat belly
The beat extends from
Earth's heartbeat
And we the dancers
Snake-like spiral
To your chanting
There is no question
As mud and greenery
Seeps between bare toes
That we are all connected
This spiral
Like the Fibonacci sequence
Unfolds the universe within ourselves
We become a tightly woven circle
Outsiders cast their eyes away
Unwilling to join in
Pretend not to be equally moved
But I am still lost in the drumbeat
The scent of the earth
Each ray of sunlight
The sound of your chants
The taste of sweat
The colours of this vibrant circle
The feeling of grass beneath my feet
A heart filled with unity

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mad World

This is a mad mad world
And we are supposed to live in fear
Terrorists at every turn
Nighttime rapists in the park
Lock your doors after dark
Bolt windows tightly
There are acts of terrorism everywhere
There is no one we can trust
We should not hug our children anymore
We might feel tempted to abuse them
Why are our children so disturbed?
Why do they have ADHD?
Why are they emotionally distant?
Why do they cause trouble on the streets
Turn to drinking, drugs, and violence?
It must be terrorists
They are living among us
Leeching away our happiness
We stay home within the cells
We locked ourselves
Bolted from the inside
We sit and watch TV
And there we see all the terrorism
And we are supposed to live in fear
This is a mad mad world

The Great Blue

Expanse of blue
A waning moon
Little white butterflies
And little white clouds

Just woken up
Sing songs of laughter
In the park
More joyous than church bells
More innocent than doves

I watch
The community come together
For this is the place
For summer vacation
The place to beat the heat

Sun tea and water fights
Tennis, volleyball, and frisbee
Chess and lawn bowling
Picnic lunch
Under shady oaks
And this great expanse of blue


Little dragonfly
With delicate wings of glass
Hover above the grass
What do you see?
Do you see me?

Am I a mountain
For you to navigate?
Am I a giant
That you are meant to slay?
Are you crying
As you fly away?
Here comes the end

I have never seen
Anyone like that
Such a gigantic being
It would put Titans to shame.

Do you rule over
This grassy forest?
Where the ants live
Amongst the earth?
Have you witnessed
A spider's turf?
From your wingy vantage.

You have the advantage
You thought you were king
Upon your wing
Until you saw me
They you flew away.

Poverty Today

You think poverty
Is a choice
But I have seen the other side
I can tell you
Poverty is a dictatorship
Ruled over by the rich

You think poverty
Is something you can work way out of
But I can tell you
That poverty is a religion
Its doctrine sinks its teeth
Into the masses
It rules through humility
And humiliation

And you can say this nation
Is one of the best in the world
But down here at its base
I can see
That the nation is crumbling
And slowly backsliding
Into poverty

Wishful Thinking

You are
There's no question
The most frustrating person
I have had the pleasure of working with

You should
At least try to smile
And pretend
That you enjoy
Making my life miserable.

Arrogance is unbecoming
And none of us deserve it
Not you
Nor I,

So I try
To reach out to you
But all I feel
Is cold black coals
Between my fingertips
If I hold onto them
And squeeze them in my hands
As though in prayer
We will make diamonds.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I dream

I dream of a better world…
Where chickens can cross the road
without having their motives questioned

Where pigs fly despite broken wings
And I see you sitting on my front porch
With that smile
You keep in your pocket
The one that you save just for me
And I take out mine from my purse
As I reach for my keys
And unlock the front door
We bought them at a two for one sale
Matching pairs
Held in a glass pickle jar
A piece of masking tape
With the name
Eleanor Rigby
And containing a crumpled sermon
With a dirty handprint
Slightly used
Claimed the shopkeep
But guaranteed for every penny
And you and I
Like the Magi
They were worth more than a pocket watch
Or a head of shining locks
Because we dreamed of a better world
Where stars outshone city lights
Where stone hearts melted
Ice was warm like hot chocolate by the fireside

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Experiencing Human

Human feelings
Dizzy feelings
Swirling round and round
Inside myself
Not contained
Within myself
Soul bursts
Like fireworks
Reach out to touch the Universe
Dancing to some Cosmic song
Because no one knows the words
Spirit sparkles
Filled with sunlight
Living for today
I have nothing
To give away
But my heart
I am here
I am
In being human

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sunday morning
The streets are bare
No one stirring anywhere
Except the churches
Lively, sing
The people praise
The bells will ring
And everyone else
Is still in bed
The day of rest
They'll rest their heads

Until near noon
When they'll come out
And go shopping
Hear them shout
For open doors
And open stores
To praise low prices
Purchase spices
Raise their voices

Make a shrine
To the divine
New products
That have just come out
False idols
Are these idle minds
Fill holes in hearts
With brand new blinds
And LCD screens
Blu-ray players
Jelly beans
Living room chairs

Worship corporate
Material might
Claim that they have found the light
Live the rat race
Covet, greed
Forget about people in need
Trample others underfoot
On Black Friday
And if they could
For the new I-Pad
Just came out
I don't know what
The fuss is about

Sunday morning
The streets are bare
No one stirring anywhere
I walk slowly through the town
Curtains closed, the blinds are down
The trees they whisper songs to me
I stop to watch a busy bee
In a pink flower hard at work
The birds are singing
Ants pile dirt

The city is alive to me
Each stretch of lawn, garden, and tree
These are my secret sanctuary
In my home upon the prairie
The streets are silent
No one stirs
As if I am alone in this world
Sunday morning
The streets are bare
No one stirring anywhere

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In this Moment

This curtain opens
To sun rays straining to get in
The sunlight dances on me like diamonds
Soothes me like lotion
And yet I grow weary of the never ending
Transitioning from day to night
Night to day

My soul is a song
But my body wearies
Aches and pains of aging
I look in the mirror
To see a colorless figure
In a variegated world
And I think that is not me
The glass separates us as I reach out
Because I am not bound

I can soar near the stars
And dance in prismic psychedelic light,
each movement is a work of poetry
Each feeling is an orchestral harmony
Each footfall a drumbeat

I feel myself immersed in the cycles of the moon
The fast rotations of night to day
Day to night
I get caught up in this moment
The softness of light on my skin
The shimmering that meets my eyes
As the rays make their way in
As I tie the curtain

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Forward in leaps and bounds
Heart aflame with passion
Backwards, now staggering
The world is full of daggers

We can soar to heaven
Fall to the pits of hell
We thought we were on track
Then suddenly we fell

We forgot to take an even pace
Along this journey's road
We became over-zealous
So this bitter fate was stowed

You don't want to be stagnant
But be steady on your way
And soon your journey will make sense
More and more each day.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Shadow man of smoke and soot
Hang above my shoulder
Dangle desperate
Off the hook
If you create a doubter

Fear and blame
In circles chase
Become the anthem of a lover
Until the way is clear again
Lover becomes a fighter