Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We never wanted to see the end
Of dreams the grew on trees
Carried in the windows
On the evening breeze
And Unity
This was the serenity
That only passion and idealism
Turn into realism
You are the beginning and the end
You taught Canadians to dream
And though you were caught
In this never ending game
Of cat and mouse
Trying to get seats in the House
Of Commons
You knew how to touch individuals
How to open hearts and bring smiles
You were the light in an era
Of confusion
We'll miss you
Friends and foes
We all know
That you were special
We gather together
And remember your life
You taught us to look towards the future
And we hope
To continue on
As bold and bright
As the twinkle in your eyes
You always dared to dream
And we'll remember you for that
We'll write your name in the history books
So our children learn of a great man

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