Thursday, August 18, 2011

I dream

I dream of a better world…
Where chickens can cross the road
without having their motives questioned

Where pigs fly despite broken wings
And I see you sitting on my front porch
With that smile
You keep in your pocket
The one that you save just for me
And I take out mine from my purse
As I reach for my keys
And unlock the front door
We bought them at a two for one sale
Matching pairs
Held in a glass pickle jar
A piece of masking tape
With the name
Eleanor Rigby
And containing a crumpled sermon
With a dirty handprint
Slightly used
Claimed the shopkeep
But guaranteed for every penny
And you and I
Like the Magi
They were worth more than a pocket watch
Or a head of shining locks
Because we dreamed of a better world
Where stars outshone city lights
Where stone hearts melted
Ice was warm like hot chocolate by the fireside

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