Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Wishes

The fall is
Crisp yellow leaves
That fade to brown

I walk facing the wind
And when indoors
Bar windows against the cold

Frosty breath seeps in
With the dead of night
Tickles along the spine

October waits
While I sip hot drinks
Mourning summer

I grow fat on coconut milk
Unwilling to let go
Of warmer climes

Watch from the corner
Of sharp eyes
Winter's stealth approach

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We are worlds apart
I may beat on this drum
You shake this rattle
But we are out of time
Or vision of music
Is disimilar

We cannot make the rhythms
This is no melody to your harmony
We cannot bring together
Our different worldviews
In one symphony

There's just cacophany
Harsh sounds
Over harsh sounds
An earful of agony
Mismatched misery

Until we develop
Musical tastes
Both bizarre and new
This sound is to hip hop
As hip hop is to rock
What rock is to classical

And soon we forget
The barriers
That once held us back
Lift the disguise
Of a new art-form

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

In Between

There is this feeling
Of flitting in between,
Neither here nor there
But on the threshold.

Beyond time,
A place for spirit,
Where bodies become frail,
Shades of grey.

Beyond decision,
Uncertainty and wonder
Bud together,
Dance in delicate footfalls.

Soon memories fade away.
Becomes a fool's errand.

Stay here,
Whispers the air,
Beyond reach of despair.
Live this strange pleasure
Eat the food,
And stay forever.
Forget all
You left behind.

In this world of tricksters
Become blind.
Breakdown the crippling walls
Of sight.
See beyond your senses.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Am I qualified
To tell you what to think
How to think?

Let me tell you now
That I stand before you
With confidence
And doubts
And experience in many things.

But I am as qualified
As the next guy,
Let me tell you
You will never feel 100% confident
But you would remain stagnant
If you didn't take a leap of faith
Cast yourself off the deep end
And free fall.

Some day you'll understand,
I promise.
But for now
Just remember
That I'm qualified,
And that I'll tell you what to think,
How to think,
But never
What to believe.

The Perfect Creole

You can tell me
That I am pale as a sheet,
Try to glare until my skin catches fire,
But you can't change history.

My ancestors were a mixture,
The perfect creole
That spans two continents,
Bridges gaps
Most wouldn't dare attempt.

We are mediators,
The go-betweens,
That once held this country together.
We are the glue
That connects two nations,
Among willing and unwilling participants,
In the rise and fall of civilizations,
The creation and destruction of ways of life.

We are unpopular,
Loved and hated by all
Without pause,
But still necessary.

You may not want to believe
In who I claim to be,
I could look like my European ancestors
Or Cree,
But I would still be
What I have always been,
A mixed-blood,
A Métis.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mental Genocide

You're just a child
Trying to care for a child
And you aren't well
But neither were your parents
And this bridges 3 generations now
Maybe more
I never asked your whole story
You never told me
And I wonder
How many broken families
Are just like yours

It is so difficult to be a witness
To this mental genocide
I only hope the cycles will break down
But we spiral up through time
And it is never easy
To erase the sins of the past
You can turn to the bottle
Or something less productive
And yet the results play out
In your social DNA

What will that baby say?
When her thoughts begin to form
When teenage angst
Drives her away
The same way you left your home
Will she come back when she's 20
Scrub the walls of mold
As your sickness sets in
Drive you to the hospital and grieve
Before she tells you
She's going to have a baby

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I can't keep fighting back these waves
They're growing stronger
The water below is murky
What is down there?
I want to hold on to something to stay afloat
Yet I don't really want to get back on that boat
It was on fire when I leapt out
And now I'm afraid of drowning
I keep on struggling
When it makes no more sense
I should let go
Surrender myself to the undertow
It is fear that keeps me here
Maybe there is something better
Just below my feet
Maybe when I quit this struggle
I'll realize it's not deep
But right now I'll flounder round as though
I cannot take the pressure
I am afraid to surrender
It's not the water that scares me
It would be soothing
But I can't trust myself
I second-guess past decisions
Foolish thoughts I can't see past
And these waves look like mountains
But really they are in my mind
The water is as smooth as glass
I would realize
It is just a puddle
It barely even is to my knees
If I looked down I would catch my reflection
Showing who I am with accuracy
But first I need to surrender
I cannot even see beyond my nose
I need to surrender
Until I do this storm keeps raging
And I feel alone

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Whispers on the Breeze

I have always
Listened to the wind
It speaks in whispers
I go where it calls
Echoes from the mountaintops
Gushes about streams
Washes over seas of flowers and grain
I follow its winding paths
Dance where it touches Earth
Fly amidst it
Carried on false wings
It bathes me
In tranquil excitement
Leaves me stranded
Where its furies boil
Dies and is reborn in one breath
I have always
Listened to the wind.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Say

You tell me to relax
I allow myself
To melt into a puddle of tears
Emotions I didn't know I had
And you say
This is ESP
But I'm wondering
How I can be so unstable
And yet cry happy tears
I wonder how I let stress
Lead me this far
I feel vulnerable
And yet fear drifts
Somewhere far away
You read me
Like a book
Looked between the lines
Discovered the hidden plot
I can only hope
I proved to be
More than some trash novel
A story with a plot
That leaves you
Eager for more
You read the lines
As I write them
Watching as our stories
Composing words yourself

Friday, September 9, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

... in a land far away...
Do you remember that day
In a far off time and place?
My memory has grow foggy around the edges
As though from the tropic heat.
Everything fades away there
Time is meaningless
We are trapped in a void of constant
And as memories resurface like tiny bubbles
In a Coke can, or possibly Chang,
We can delight in those moments as well.
A few words exchanged,
Echo still,
While the image fades from view,
Only recognizing bright sunlight
And humid hot.
Somewhere made of dreams,
Carried on the wings of imagination
Like a fairytale.
The End, not yet in sight.

Adventures in Paradise

Dark city streets,
Golden city lights,
Playful accents call out,
And suddenly we are backseat driving,
Giving directions,
Thank you,
As we zip down these night streets,
A speed that comes,
Only once darkness falls.
Taking risks,
Assessing them with spontaneity.
Moving towards
Something bigger.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry
Have we been trained
To express things we don't mean
And shouldn't we always mean sorry?
But we are so bound by ego
We let anger run unleashed with fear
Throw guilt to the wind
Until we learn those simple words
I'm sorry
For what?
If only I knew
All the little things
Like jabbing needles
That drove us apart
Had I seen their silver sheen
Would I have stopped them?
Or was it meant to be
That here we are again
I'm sorry
But not really
Because sorry means
I won't do it again
And in this circumstantial world
Where we are drawn taut with emotion
I would be a fool to say
My actions
Will always be virtuous
We delude ourselves
With dreams of perfection
Cast up a false ideal
I'm sorry
But only in this moment
I want to feel forgiveness
It's release
But tomorrow is another day
When we will learn
Things can't always mend
Because we say
I'm sorry


I am afraid
To bear my soul
Find myself unworthy
You wounded me
When the world was dark
I wasn't sure it was you
But now you face exposed
I know the truth
We have been running from our pasts
But past determines future
This was a fatal mistake
You and I must learn forgiveness
Find solace in this wake
Let go
Move forward


Me and this drum
Share secrets
Whispered across taut hide
We are one
In deep resonance
To remnants of a simpler time
Soft beats
Mingle earth and moon
Weave cycles
Peel back layers
To reveal
Endless blackness
Sequined with glittering stars
Little lights illuminate footsteps
Our secrets are safe
While the notes resound

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Empty Doorway

You walk through that door and disappear
It is all an illusion
Now minimalized
Expanding on clear view
Always one step ahead
And now my guard down
You saw me cry
I thought I was all alone
But you were watching
Carefully letting events unfold
Like lily petals
And now you see
I quiver in the cool breeze
I look through the empty doorway
Still see your shadow
Wonder where you've gone
And how soon you will return
I'll be dazzled once again
And forget
The illusion
Walk blindly
Into your caress
Without you
My world
Is that empty doorway

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thor's Hammer

Thor's hammer falls
And falls again,
And lightning fills the sky.
He could barely wait out Woden's Day
Until he could come out and play,
And now the sky is white as day
His hammer never stops,
He welcomes in a brand new month
With loud and boisterous knocks.
His excitement is untamed.
Electric, his discretion lost,
Awaking entire towns
Before the sun can yet be found,
Mortals hide upon the ground
And keep their windows locked.
A peak out of the curtains tells
The sky appears on fire.
What festive day could this one be
That fuels bold Thor's desire?
Even atheists tonight
Would cast a wary eye,
And wonder what sensational mode
Could light up the whole sky!