Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mental Genocide

You're just a child
Trying to care for a child
And you aren't well
But neither were your parents
And this bridges 3 generations now
Maybe more
I never asked your whole story
You never told me
And I wonder
How many broken families
Are just like yours

It is so difficult to be a witness
To this mental genocide
I only hope the cycles will break down
But we spiral up through time
And it is never easy
To erase the sins of the past
You can turn to the bottle
Or something less productive
And yet the results play out
In your social DNA

What will that baby say?
When her thoughts begin to form
When teenage angst
Drives her away
The same way you left your home
Will she come back when she's 20
Scrub the walls of mold
As your sickness sets in
Drive you to the hospital and grieve
Before she tells you
She's going to have a baby

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