Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry
Have we been trained
To express things we don't mean
And shouldn't we always mean sorry?
But we are so bound by ego
We let anger run unleashed with fear
Throw guilt to the wind
Until we learn those simple words
I'm sorry
For what?
If only I knew
All the little things
Like jabbing needles
That drove us apart
Had I seen their silver sheen
Would I have stopped them?
Or was it meant to be
That here we are again
I'm sorry
But not really
Because sorry means
I won't do it again
And in this circumstantial world
Where we are drawn taut with emotion
I would be a fool to say
My actions
Will always be virtuous
We delude ourselves
With dreams of perfection
Cast up a false ideal
I'm sorry
But only in this moment
I want to feel forgiveness
It's release
But tomorrow is another day
When we will learn
Things can't always mend
Because we say
I'm sorry

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