Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Jazz

Raise my eyes to the skies
Take in frosty sun rays
The winter's here
But I'm still warm inside
Paint these walls a summer yellow
Paint my heart with pink and red
Little butterfies in my stomach
Pastel yellow, green, and blue
Maybe purple too
Thinking of far off beaches
Thinking of you
It warms me more than a fire's glow
It warms me more than tea or hot cocoa
Dreaming in carols, while the winter away
From in here it's still a sunny day
Wrap up in a scarf and mitts
Go out to play
A winter wonderland

Thursday, November 24, 2011


My soul is tarnished
Steady careful polishing
Might make it fade away
Tried to hide it
Behind Anger
Let my heart grow cold and black
Tried to fill the emptiness
With fleshy desires
Left me feeling just more empty
Can you polish it with love
Gentle, persistent loving care
Keep me shining like I'm new
Keep the darkness at bay
My soul is tarnished
Polish it until like new
I want to do the same for you
Let's build a matching set of sterling

Help Me Let Go

My heart is so filled with anger
So pregnant with doubts
Blame myself
It was never you
I was hurt by him
But I let it happen
Let rationality slip away
And now I am afraid to trust again
Can't trust myself
What if I'm too much
Drive you away?
What if I'm too distant
You never see that I love you?
See me naked
Here in front of you
Know I bare my soul
Pull me close
Whisper reassurances
Hold me so tight
These fears must fall away

Friday, November 18, 2011

Where rivers join

Another night alone
My thoughts dance outside my head
Beyond this room
Above the snow
Under the concealed stars
The wild prairie
On a moonlit night
Wisps of fog hang low
Let us dance together in spirit
The wind blew us together
Let souls bridge the divide
So that I
Can wait out one more night
The winter's cold
Is not felt in this beating heart
Overflowing with the warmth
Of your love

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coming out of Power

I open this page
Skim wings
Slim and delicate
Jar memories of faces
Heart filled with distrust
This terror doesn't die
Vacuum holes where hearts once beat
Can't turn back the sands of time
All alone
No more shadows for faces
No more masks of skulls
The mind shuts out the truth
Fades to blissful haze
Wispy memories remain
Details lost in empty thoughts
Not so interesting today
Frail and human
A mind in slow decay

Turnip Lanterns for Shadowy Nights

you are the nightmare
that keeps me from my sleep
the shadow
that makes me bar my door
you are the one
filled with indescency
giving bad names to good men
preying on the innocent
filling hearts with fear
but i am stronger
and people stand beside me
i am protected
you want to drink my fear
but all that's here are tears
of sympathy
for those who cause nightmares
walk loveless
until the end of time

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Time Traveller

I feel sometimes
Trapped in time,
Read the stories of my ancestors,
One pair of shoes between the two of them.
Relive history in my mind,
Bubonic Plague,
Potato Famine.
Trace loss and heartbreak
In my family line.
Am I so different?

Should I be proud to graduate?
The first in my family,
5 years of University.
I look around this humble home;
It collapses like cardboard
Under my scrutiny.
Am I so much better off?

The bar for acceptable poor is raised,
But I might go hungry one day,
Freeze through the night in my own home.
Can I escape my birth?
Fame and fortune are Illusions,
Carrots dangled just out of reach.

I feel the sickness of cold winters
And stretched budgets,
Slowly the plague spreads.
I huddle in a blanket,
Eyes flash,
Reveal visions of the past.

Other cold winters long ago,
Mud-stained clothes.
Labouring everyday,
For little pay.
An old woman, frail.
Breath in a cloud of ice.