Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Earth Magic

Earth thrums
Soft shadows
Swift movements
Ghosts of light and darkness
Whirl, swirl, whisper

Answers elusive
Echo in awaiting minds
Tireless tantras of age-old secrets
Communion too often forgotten
Too busy living life
Without awareness

Plant the flowers
Grow the garden
Enrich the soil
Enrich the soul
Chasmic echoing
Deep earth sounds

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Moon once full
Now wanes today
Shadows deepen
Light fades away
Leaving dark and piercing night
Where before was silvery light
In this cycle we, too, change
Parts of our lives will rearrange
And things we thought we knew were true
Will slowly shift, the seams unglue
Fear not that you are on your own
Because it seems that you alone
Hold the key to make the light
Come back again
Now waxing, bright
You hold the secrets
Yet untold
To make the silver
Turn to gold
1 step, then 2
Next, 3 and 4
Repeats the pattern
Wanes once more.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This Kid is Amazing!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Empty Spaces

Why am I alone?
I feel myself
Melting from the sides of my mind,
Burning acid holes
Bubble, frothing.
I know what it is to be alone
But nothing could prepare me for this cold dark place.
So sick of the lies
White and wispy,
Floating away in sinister clouds
Leaving me in this empty space.
It's like you carved the heart from the walls,
Left them gaping, bleeding
Pouring out all the memories
Of times long past.
They run in rivers,
Collect in pools,
Feed the angry strays,
Leaving behind
Only a skeleton constant,
A shallow replication
Of what was once here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Real Boy

Mama I want to be a real boy
And by boy I mean girl
But does it matter?
That was never what defined me really
And that I am one gender or another was just a random circumstance of biology
The point right now is authenticity

I want to be genuine
I want to be uniquely me
Just like everyone else
And it is just so hard to go beyond the claims
To be brave
To have the courage to stand up for my dreams
But no one else will

We wrestle with holographic lions each day
Because we are afraid
To wrestle with the real ones
And yet here we are fighting the same fight a million times
That we could fight once and be done with
Where is the bravery?

And while I respect the organizations that fight for our freedoms
As human beings
From behind masks both literal and metaphorical
They are just as much behind bars as the rest of us
To afraid to show their faces
Because we still aren't quite ready for change
And it is easier to change collectively

I want to change
Because stagnation is toxic
And the longer I sit here the more I wonder
If I'm not just falling deeper and deeper into this cycle of non-existence
I need to be free
And freedom is the only driving force
It is the core of ambition
It is what makes me human
And sometimes I feel less than human
But I don't need to be
No one needs to be

We are all afraid
And taught to fear
But if we listen to what is inside of us
We can find the key
To being free
To being Whole
I want to be a real boy.