Friday, May 22, 2015


In my dreams
Monks laugh
And drink Pepsi 
Under tarps in markets
Where the air is thick and warm
Wafting scents of spices and fish
Coking sausages
And pungent durian
Eyes adjust from glaring sun
To shadowy passages
Between stalls

In my dreams
I weave my way 
Through colourful crowds
In loose clothing
Past jungles of ferns and orchids
And crates of fresh yellow mangoes
Spiky rambutans
Plump dragon fruit
Chasing a woman on a mission
For fried potatoes and plantains

The monks in burnt orange
Have nowhere to go
Content drinking syrupy liquid
Relaxing in the afternoon heat
Present and aware


You sweep a wide arch in front of me
Black on black
Gleaming in the sun
My foot falls fast on the pedal
As your life flashes before my eyes
One short instant
Torn apart by greying asphalt
Before you ride clear
Leaving me in awe of life’s fragility
Sharpening the landscape
Casting the afternoon in a dream-like glow