Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Little lies will make it better
Justify the status quo
The image of one,
Raised up upon the backs of many
Sweat labour and deceit

There are secrets whispered behind closed doors
Private meetings
Not for the working man
Action comes from a swift and steady hand
The lines of ethics blurred

A call for action
Silenced in a second
A call for justice
Never makes it past the door

Questions left unanswered
Stones left unturned
Blind investigations
Produce only negations of complaints
The guilty left uncharged.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm Sorry

I live in this slow hell
Wouldn't wish it on anyone
You may have caused me pain
But this is different
Comes back
Again and again
There is nowhere to hide
I can't live on in fear
I open myself to this dark world
Let the light scourge it clean
Hope this is the end it seems
I don't want you to pay
That I opened up yesterday
And now it seems
I have spread contagion
Is it my mind
Threatening to unwind
Can only affect those already ill
But we all are ill
Society tells us
We better not believe
Or this tar will clog our hearts
Cover up our souls
Make us live this terror nightly

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Why do I care for conventions
there's no reason to fight with old systems make sure to fix them
The world is growing smaller everyday
There's no way to reach them
Just let them pass away
Ashes to ashes the old system crashes
We watch idling on clogged networks
Eyes of apathy
There is no more sadness
No more joy
The last soldier is coming home
Everything is serene
All this I see in the mirror but there is no truth there
I turn around
see the world in flames
Singeing closer to the edges of the film
bald monkeys eat popcorn
sip martinis
gossip about Planet of the Apes
Read tabloids about Bigfoot
Check their watches see they're late
And here we go again...

In Want of Winter

Wind blows
Whimsical gusts
Old Man Winter grows frail
The Sun hibernates
Yet the Earth's body
Pulses with warmth
Where are the fall leaves?
Lightly dusted in white
Lace for an Ice Queen's petticoat
Trees bare and shivering
For want of blankets of snow
Down from the heavens
Divine and feather-light.
Shadows dance beneath
A full-bodied moon
Ivory beauty illuminates
Naked and smooth like silk
Making love to dear Gaia.

I Dare

You hunted me
Chasing me through alleyways
Knocking down my door
Watched me from tree shadows in the park
I was cautious
Always peering over shoulders
Listening for snapping twigs
Shallow breathing
I was once scared
But now I dare you
You can come
Threaten me
You thought
You could lock me away
Chain me to my demons
Make sure I hid away for good
But I will spit in your face
You can't remove the fire from my eyes
My heart burns with passion
My spirit with creativity
You have lost
Think you own me
But you don't even own yourself
Tired of lying
Afraid you'll never make the cut
I can stand before you
Turn your weapons against you
Because you can't run away from fear
It will consume you
Unless you consume it

Over the Edge

I didn't know there was more wandering
Thought we'd reached the edge of the flat earth
But hand in hand we took one step more
Discovered dazzling new worlds
Made me forget from whence I'd come
Seductive like fairy music
Dancing in a mushroom ring
Shall we dance forever?
Never return to the war-torn world
Here no bad things happen
Fear is a distant cloud
I wanted to sing simple melodies
Carried on the wind like a sparrow's words
But instead you gave me wings
Let me launch those words to flight
Carry the song through the sky
Harmonize with the Universe
First, you sing the melody


I dreamed of a woman
Her white stomach wide like a drum
Laughter like the silver cups of two Christmas bells
The water of the tub ran shallow and cool
And with the shyness inexperience brings
Eyes met, giggles escaped
I was met with tightness
Her fears silent in her mind
But slowly, she sank in the shallow track of ivory
Mouth formed a satisfied O
As fingers moved in ways only a woman could know
Behind the curtain a one girl act
My eyes closed to shut out the truth
The taboos my mother set on my shoulders
The taboos my grandmother held in her stern gaze
Eyes opened only to see her sink below me
Her mouth forming satisfaction
Her body a puddle of emotion
Golden curls untamed, yet innocent
I wondered vaguely if I was the monster
In this fairy tale
The temptress, seducer, succubus

Monday, December 5, 2011

Wide World

I am in all ways that count
But that is very much a flaw of the English language
It paints dualities that need not exist
It is not so much that I choose both
But that I see the whole picture, and want it all
I may choose the path right in front of me
But I still have a panoramic view,
Feel a tinge of regret
That I haven't enough feet
To walk all the paths I see

Neither language nor logic allow
That one plus one equals one
And for that matter
One plus one plus one plus one is still ONE
I am incapable of that narrow vision
The focusing on one part
Mistaking it for the whole
Saying we can't sample from both slices
All visionaries do,
Set the standard one askew

Everyone's eyes open a sliver wider
Mouths exclaim amazement
And I feel only a mild disappointment
Pretend to be impressed
Wonder when at last the world will come into view
For more than just a few,
Frown at the shackles of limitations
Wait and wish that the world will finally wake.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Even white light
So bright
The sky one shade
The ground fades
Colours lost to notice
And grey stone graves
Old, untended
But one small boy
Sitting there with a bag
By his side
Staring eyes
I recognize him
Stop, I know him
But there's no one there
And still he stares
And only I can see him
Vision fades
But still I travel
On the road amidst the graves

Suddenly, it's not so empty
Standing on each grave
Men and women
All dressed in black
Clothes from many ages
Eyes, blank staring straight ahead
I can't avoid their stares
No one else can see them
Staring with some purpose
But fear is far away
Enter strange calmness
As I travel past the graves

The air is still
It's cool and scentless
Nothing here but men and women
Dressed in black
Grey gravestones
Sky pale white with back light
Wondering how far this graveyard stretches
Wrapping brave fingers around calm