Thursday, December 15, 2011


I dreamed of a woman
Her white stomach wide like a drum
Laughter like the silver cups of two Christmas bells
The water of the tub ran shallow and cool
And with the shyness inexperience brings
Eyes met, giggles escaped
I was met with tightness
Her fears silent in her mind
But slowly, she sank in the shallow track of ivory
Mouth formed a satisfied O
As fingers moved in ways only a woman could know
Behind the curtain a one girl act
My eyes closed to shut out the truth
The taboos my mother set on my shoulders
The taboos my grandmother held in her stern gaze
Eyes opened only to see her sink below me
Her mouth forming satisfaction
Her body a puddle of emotion
Golden curls untamed, yet innocent
I wondered vaguely if I was the monster
In this fairy tale
The temptress, seducer, succubus

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