Monday, December 5, 2011

Wide World

I am in all ways that count
But that is very much a flaw of the English language
It paints dualities that need not exist
It is not so much that I choose both
But that I see the whole picture, and want it all
I may choose the path right in front of me
But I still have a panoramic view,
Feel a tinge of regret
That I haven't enough feet
To walk all the paths I see

Neither language nor logic allow
That one plus one equals one
And for that matter
One plus one plus one plus one is still ONE
I am incapable of that narrow vision
The focusing on one part
Mistaking it for the whole
Saying we can't sample from both slices
All visionaries do,
Set the standard one askew

Everyone's eyes open a sliver wider
Mouths exclaim amazement
And I feel only a mild disappointment
Pretend to be impressed
Wonder when at last the world will come into view
For more than just a few,
Frown at the shackles of limitations
Wait and wish that the world will finally wake.

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