Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Dare

You hunted me
Chasing me through alleyways
Knocking down my door
Watched me from tree shadows in the park
I was cautious
Always peering over shoulders
Listening for snapping twigs
Shallow breathing
I was once scared
But now I dare you
You can come
Threaten me
You thought
You could lock me away
Chain me to my demons
Make sure I hid away for good
But I will spit in your face
You can't remove the fire from my eyes
My heart burns with passion
My spirit with creativity
You have lost
Think you own me
But you don't even own yourself
Tired of lying
Afraid you'll never make the cut
I can stand before you
Turn your weapons against you
Because you can't run away from fear
It will consume you
Unless you consume it

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