Friday, February 17, 2012


File your initials in my skin
I am already dead
Hours lost in some sort of sickened daze
Lying to myself that I'm alright
Sucked dry
Dead but still walking
Did the institution
Finally steal my soul?
Locked me up in whitewashed walls
Shut out the light
March in a line
Speak when spoken to
You have no rights
Just burn the Charter now
It's a lie
Everyone's will be heard first
Tell the children
Sweet little lies
Cover their ears
Paint illusions of false hope
This is your job
Now take your place
Now wait in line
Make things easier
Create an illusion of success
Don't worry it will get easier

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Truth

Tried to close my eyes
Because my world was spinning
Trapped myself in empty towers of stone
But you cannot chain a soul
They always find their way back to the truth
Looking for change
Need to rearrange
A few things
But tomorrow brings
New life
And we should be so afraid to step up
It's really messed up
And it seems like there's too strife
Horrors happen before our eyes
Images procured
To cause a stir
There is a loss of innocence
Those days came and went
Showed us only pain
And it continues
It's insane
We become numb to it
Block it out
Try to forget about
The world
But we are only hiding from ourselves
In empty rooms, on dusty shelves
Try discarding are beliefs inside the door
Entering the world as empty shells
It's a slow hell
Open up the door
You think you can't take it anymore
But sit back as you're assailed by wave on wave
Be brave
There is a lot of pain
But truth's worth more.