Wednesday, October 17, 2012

of Wefan

Woven Wyrd
Is it our fate
That we must live by wæpons not wefta?
It strikes fear in the hearts of the weras
The power of potential within the wifmenn,
For frithuwebbes and freondship.

The wæponmenn wish not to admit
That they too are not immune to Wyrd's weavings.
We all are the thread, carefully in the web, woven
And no wers can cut the threads of fate.
We are all always becoming
Sweordplega only a pattern within the cloth.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Paint Me as Alice

You saw me for what I was
That damaged flower
Sullied soul
You with that crooked ginger Chesire grin
Blowing smoke rings like a blue caterpillar
You walked with me through the fields of the fallen
Indulged my wonderland
You with hat and carrot curls
A sort of innocence
Where innocence is lost
A surreal fantasy
But then that smile faded
As I turned away
Stepped through the looking glass
To face my jabberwock alone.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Empire Collapses

How can I sleep when my world keeps crumbling
I've watched it happening since I was 11
That fateful day when the twin towers went tumbling
I watched my freedoms get lost in the rubble
And it keeps on happening, worsening, sickening
Never gets better, it seems
We fight false wars to keep people slaves to a system
One that is funded by greed
And I keep getting force-fed these lies
I didn't believe them back then
If you try to brainwash me
You'll have to to better
I've seen from the start through clear eyes
And I sing to myself "We Didn't Start the Fire"
And yet watch the fire still burn
I wonder how there can be so much ignorance still
Even when people lose everything

We're afraid to stand up for our rights
But there's no time like now to stand up and fight
You can say I'm from an ungrateful generation
But maybe we see the world clearer than ever
We have the courage to stand up and say
Don't feed me false hope,
I know I deserve better
And though it keeps sickening me
I see newsflashes
Independent sources crying out for justice
Don't coddle me anymore
I don't need your comforting
Don't need you to say anything
Until your actions show louder than words
That things will get better not worse

Don't strip me of freedoms and say I'm a heretic
Don't paint me a tyrant
When you created the conflict
Don't give us false media
Stop getting greedier
Think for once for the greater good
Don't take away freedoms
To hide all your shortcomings
Don't make us have war when we're at peace
Don't discriminate, don't lie to our face,
Don't discredit us for gender, race, sexuality

It's all lies
And I despise
The direction
We are headed in
Let's stop
Re-examine the facts
I want peace
I want love
And a government I can trust
I want freedoms
To share ideas
For being human
That's no bluff!

How can I sleep when my world keeps crumbling
I've watched it happening since I was 11
That fateful day when the twin towers went tumbling
I watched my freedoms get lost in the rubble
Okay, you made a mistake (we all do)
But just admit it, because hiding it is so much trouble!

If I were a Tree

If I were a tree
My roots would remain strong,
Even as the harsh winter
Blew upon me,
Even as my branches shuttered
Under icy shards of wicked wind,
Still my roots are deep
And my branches reach up for the sky.

And when this cold wind is no more,
My buds will open
To share my beauty with the world,
Delicate first leaves,
Magnificent pastel blossoms,
And when at last the harvest comes,
The fruits of my labours
Hang heavy on my branches.

Just a little water,
And a little sun.
With these strong roots
All life's trials
Cannot be too much to bear.
I'll extend more twigs into the air
And carry on.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Oh feed me to the sharks
This bone-crunching mayhem
Seems to stop where more starts
These tiny unpolished teeth
Creeping up inside of me
Merciless and cool
Falling back
In agony
Sinking to the bottom of this pool

There is no beginning
And no end
It's circular and cyclical
There's always some more fuel

Blink, dizzily
What exactly is happening?
No one can tell the truth
No one is even there at all
All of this is some strange fantasy
Where all alone,
Left to wander, without home
Everything surreal
And yet the pain is real
But that is all.

I start to fall
The stars fade away
Above me
Try to grasp the ledge
But just brush air.

Vacant stare.
But falling is just floating
And there's really no directions.
Cannot hit the bottom
There's no up or down.

There is no beginning
And no end
What exactly is happening?
All of this is some strange fantasy.