Saturday, December 25, 2010

Two Poems

It’s A Pirate Christmas

Each with a number
Drawing our lots,
Drawing our swords,
In case it gets hot.

They said Chinese Auction
As if it were some deal,
A perfect game
Where we all get to steal
Whatever presents
From whomever we choose
The candles, storybooks, candy and shoes!

It’s always great fun
Until we lose an eye,
Or an arm,
Or a hook,
When I pirate does spy
The perfect present
Nestled in our arms,
The thing that makes eyes gleam
And their passion grow warm.

So it’s a Pirate Christmas
Complete with hats and hooks,
And pirates who are battling
For bubblegum and books.


Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree of lovely green
Stand sparkling in the winter scene
A beacon of hope and joy
For each mother, father, girl, and boy.

Sit round the Christmas tree, behold,
Atop the tree a star of gold.
The star of Bethlehem
Hangs over us to our delight
To remind us this Christmas Eve
A child was born
In a manger, wee,
To be the king of you and me,
A saviour
With a message of peace.

O Christmas tree
It does seem strange
An evergreen reminds of us the day
That Jesus of Nazareth was born
I’m told on a day that was not Christmas morn
It seems that traditions and cultures met
Melding and moulding in a melting pot
And the Christmas tree is what they got.

O Christmas tree
We can learn from you
To be loving of our neighbours
And accepting too.
To bring peace and love
With hope and joy.
The gifts found in that tiny boy
Who lay in a manger
Far away
Long ago
On some other day.

For Unto Us

For unto us a child is born
And maybe he will do great things
Enough to be remembered for 2,000 years or more
His deeds become legend
And maybe people will fight wars over him
Sing his name upon their tongues
To justify ill deeds
And maybe forgiveness
Gives people excuses to act without thinking

So unto us a child was born
Like so many children before and after
Except this one
Was the Son of the God of the Israelites
King of the Jews
Who the Jews do not recognize
And his followers are the Christians
Because history is full of these strange circumstances

And unto us a child was born
In the name of peace
In the name of LOVE
So that we would know mercy
So that we might dream dreams
And pray to God in the highest
To end wars
Unto us a child was born.
Has it worked yet?

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I went journeying,
The answers lay, taunting,
The drum beat ended but continued in my heart
And I wasn't coming back.
So many questions
That needed answers
So I swirled deeper
Feeling reality fade behind me
Losing my body
The drum not there to guide me home
But fearless I wandered
Searching for what I sought
And upon finding it
My spirit knew its home
Slowly sinking
Hesitant at first
To come back
The gently joining
Connected but still separate
Like a drunk stupor but without cause
Wandering the hallway without proper attachment
Waiting for my spirit
To relax within this cell
Awaiting life's next curve-ball