Saturday, December 25, 2010

For Unto Us

For unto us a child is born
And maybe he will do great things
Enough to be remembered for 2,000 years or more
His deeds become legend
And maybe people will fight wars over him
Sing his name upon their tongues
To justify ill deeds
And maybe forgiveness
Gives people excuses to act without thinking

So unto us a child was born
Like so many children before and after
Except this one
Was the Son of the God of the Israelites
King of the Jews
Who the Jews do not recognize
And his followers are the Christians
Because history is full of these strange circumstances

And unto us a child was born
In the name of peace
In the name of LOVE
So that we would know mercy
So that we might dream dreams
And pray to God in the highest
To end wars
Unto us a child was born.
Has it worked yet?

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