Monday, June 17, 2013


When the problems of the world seem to large
Just remember we are like specks of sand in the solar system
We are like electrons in the galaxy
But so are our the trials each day
And even a mosquito can annoy a deer
And even a mouse can scare an elephant
And even a virus can affect millions
And even a child can change the world

When we feel like we need more recognition
Just remember we are like giants to rabbits
We are like mountains to ants
We are like the galaxy to mitochondria
The universe to quarks
But even mold can make us sick
But even bees can make us cry
But even molecules can poison us
But even a child can change our world


A quiet Monday
Watching ants amid seeds and grass
Feeling warm sun
And cooling wind
Hearing rustling trees
And distant traffic
Songbirds and crows
Smelling the sweet freshness of Spring
Tasting growth and stagnance
Birth and death
Upon the air
And pondering silently

I could just fade away
Bridge time
Sitting here
With bare feet among the dandelions
Every worry and concern
Could fade away
I can dream under the same sky
Where dreamers sat for centuries
Until pulled back into this moment

Upon the air
Birth and death
Tasting growth and stagnance
Smelling the freshness of Spring
Songbirds and crows
And distant traffic
Hearing rustling trees
And cooling wind
Feeling warm sun
Watching ants amid seeds and grass
My world goes topsy-turvy
Once again
Just another quiet Monday.


Here I am back on this land
Bones strewn beneath the earth
Where the wind speaks in whispers
Stories of long ago

It can be hard to imagine
How things once were
While we live in carefully constructed
Straight rows

But I know our feet touched the same earth
Our faces felt the same sun
We listened to the same wind
And looked skywards
With dreams spanning generations

Our hearts drum the same beat
And someday I too
Will be just bone and wind

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Go Beyond

I'm sorry 
He said
But she frowned in response
Why are you sorry?
It doesn't mean much to your life
And why do people
Always compartmentalize
Each other?
We are sorted by our circumstance
Given over to the expectations
That one part of our lives
Will determine the whole. 
We dish out sympathy
But do we have empathy
Enough to just be there
With an outstretched hand
To help each other?
The best people are the ones
Who don't say a word
As they watch us fall
But help us climb again
When we are ready,
Soar to new heights
Release our own shackles
Because circumstance
Never should determine our possibilities.
We aren't limited by our lot in life,
We are limited by sympathies
Eating in on us at every turn
Squashing us like a bug
Because there is no time to forget
If people serve as reminders of our shortcomings
Every moment
Of everyday.
Don't be sorry.
Just smile.
Be the shoulder to cry on,
The helping hand,
The light in a dark place.
We'll both benefit
If you chose to live
Beyond the norm.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Warning from the Wind

The wind has always whispered to me
In dreams and visions,
Voices guiding my path,
Lighting the way,
Securing my destiny.
And I have always followed,
Sometimes joyfully,
Others with dragging feet
Like a stubborn child.
It blew across fields,
Heads of golden wheat bowed,
Scaled towering mountains,
Crossed choppy seas
To tell me stories of time tangled prairie towns,
Exotic towers of steel,
Smiling lovers,
And now I must learn how to make 2 into 1,
And still the wind whispers urgently
Of desolate northern places,
Children forlorn,
And how can I make 2 into 1,
And still follow the wind with the same gypsy cadence
I once had?
But when I consider making compromises,
Deviating from the destined path,
My dreams become nightmares,
And how can I sleep?
I perched high in the pines,
And below an old woman with hair braided,
Silver with the wisdom of years gone by,
Carefully treading a familiar path,
Wrapped in a shawl, and in her hand
A raven feather held up in reverence,
And me in my foolishness of defying the fates,
I squat unceremoniously
And defecate on her from my sky-view branch,
And she looks up at me with eyes that have seen the ages,
Sad eyes, disapproving,
Never speaking a word,
And in that instant
I awake in a sweat,
Wondering how I can make 2 into 1
And still follow the wind.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Song of the Once Winged

I am the bird with the broken wing
Wishing to be free
But it's more than just a cage that stops me

Flutter, flitter
Flight turns to falling
Down, down
Each time I try

Sing a sorrowful song
Of flightless days
Restless nights
This is the song of the once winged

I am the bird with the broken wing
Wishing to be free
But it's more than just a cage that stops me

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Green screen
It's news
Or acting
"Words cannot express our grief"
I can sure see
How you grieve
People you never met

I find myself sometimes
This dispassionate
So numb from bombardment
Of bad news
The stress is so much
We are all ticking time bombs

We were never meant
To do more than live in small communities
This is the disease of living beyond our means
Technology making the world too small

We are all Atlas
But being still human
Have an Achilles heel


I howl to the moon
In sacred feminine energy
Yet I am bound by this world
This patriarchy

I found myself watching The Hobbit
And wondering
Where are all the woman goblins?
There are so many goblins
But you never see a female

Such is life still
That women fall through the cracks everyday
Still living in the shadows of men

I don't have answers
Only questions

How can this keep going on?

We cast the same blind eye on war and famine
What world will we leave our children?

I can mutter the dark tongue of Mordor
Or Old English, cast it out in Norse runes
It doesn't matter

I could speak plainly in modern English
And the response would be equally as uninspiring
We are a society lacking passion
And worse, we look down on the passionate

We throw artists, scientists, astronauts, philosophers
Into the flames of a heartless
Dispassionate furnace
Leave for dead our true leaders
Raise up instead the foolish and uninspired

And as we slowly poison ourselves,
Bathe in the rot of a crumbling society,
We cry out "why me?!"
As if we were unaware we are responsible
For our own demise

In Limbo

It is this terrifying experience
Knowing I'm delirious
And yet these emotions run amok 

There is nothing to do
But out wait the torrent

So sorry
I really realize that I'm crazy
But I'm too big for my shoes
I'm trying so hard to fit
But I know the stitching is coming loose
A toe is sticking out and given time
Much more might make itself known

I understand just how frustrating it is
I can see it all from outside myself
But I feel very much like a bystander as it all unfolds

There is a hole in this bucket
I'm trying to plug if with my finger
But the water continues to trickle out
Still I am afraid to give up and just let it all go

The bucket is filled with blue paint
Could I look down I would see
It spills out below me, colouring the sky
And if I were aware
I could spread my wings and fly
But instead I am falling flailing
As though in some outlandish dream

Larger Than Life

I feel like a strangled cat
I know
You don't want to hear that
But here I am

I find a lot of times
I am too big for my own skin
Quite bursting at the seams
With exuberant energy

I need to be creative 
But there's no space for creativity
In this claustrophobic lifestyle
Dripping taunting irony in this ceaseless rain

And I know you say I should be myself
But sometimes MYSELF is too big for this mould
And with no room to grow
I am like a plant in desperate need of a new pot

The ghosts of my now shadow self
Keep me up at night
Shrieking and wailing the dirges of a hollow shell
Passion is gone

But there's no one to blame
Because this is how adults live
And while you still drag me around like a distracted child
These eyes are dulled already with the unmovable weight of helplessness

The world keeps turning
And we keep loving in that constricted space allotted by a broken system
But each night I am haunted and each day I am praying for any kind of alchemy
 Rescue me from this icy pool of shattered dreams

It's unfair because you and I are both porcelain dolls
Cast together with faults
Faces cracked
Fragments fallen away

And while I crave space
And intimacy
And purpose
And freedom
I feel the crushing weight of destiny

Cry out in the night when I alone can hear
I am still tormented by devils of my own making
I hope somehow I seem less broken 
Cradle you in my love
Shine outwardly with more light than I feel within

None of this is of your making
Little of it wrought by me
But both of us are puppets
The strings not cut away
Willing we dance together entangled
And like Pinocchio, the strings fall away