Saturday, June 15, 2013

Go Beyond

I'm sorry 
He said
But she frowned in response
Why are you sorry?
It doesn't mean much to your life
And why do people
Always compartmentalize
Each other?
We are sorted by our circumstance
Given over to the expectations
That one part of our lives
Will determine the whole. 
We dish out sympathy
But do we have empathy
Enough to just be there
With an outstretched hand
To help each other?
The best people are the ones
Who don't say a word
As they watch us fall
But help us climb again
When we are ready,
Soar to new heights
Release our own shackles
Because circumstance
Never should determine our possibilities.
We aren't limited by our lot in life,
We are limited by sympathies
Eating in on us at every turn
Squashing us like a bug
Because there is no time to forget
If people serve as reminders of our shortcomings
Every moment
Of everyday.
Don't be sorry.
Just smile.
Be the shoulder to cry on,
The helping hand,
The light in a dark place.
We'll both benefit
If you chose to live
Beyond the norm.

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