Saturday, June 1, 2013

In Limbo

It is this terrifying experience
Knowing I'm delirious
And yet these emotions run amok 

There is nothing to do
But out wait the torrent

So sorry
I really realize that I'm crazy
But I'm too big for my shoes
I'm trying so hard to fit
But I know the stitching is coming loose
A toe is sticking out and given time
Much more might make itself known

I understand just how frustrating it is
I can see it all from outside myself
But I feel very much like a bystander as it all unfolds

There is a hole in this bucket
I'm trying to plug if with my finger
But the water continues to trickle out
Still I am afraid to give up and just let it all go

The bucket is filled with blue paint
Could I look down I would see
It spills out below me, colouring the sky
And if I were aware
I could spread my wings and fly
But instead I am falling flailing
As though in some outlandish dream

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