Saturday, June 1, 2013


I howl to the moon
In sacred feminine energy
Yet I am bound by this world
This patriarchy

I found myself watching The Hobbit
And wondering
Where are all the woman goblins?
There are so many goblins
But you never see a female

Such is life still
That women fall through the cracks everyday
Still living in the shadows of men

I don't have answers
Only questions

How can this keep going on?

We cast the same blind eye on war and famine
What world will we leave our children?

I can mutter the dark tongue of Mordor
Or Old English, cast it out in Norse runes
It doesn't matter

I could speak plainly in modern English
And the response would be equally as uninspiring
We are a society lacking passion
And worse, we look down on the passionate

We throw artists, scientists, astronauts, philosophers
Into the flames of a heartless
Dispassionate furnace
Leave for dead our true leaders
Raise up instead the foolish and uninspired

And as we slowly poison ourselves,
Bathe in the rot of a crumbling society,
We cry out "why me?!"
As if we were unaware we are responsible
For our own demise

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