Sunday, October 7, 2012


Oh feed me to the sharks
This bone-crunching mayhem
Seems to stop where more starts
These tiny unpolished teeth
Creeping up inside of me
Merciless and cool
Falling back
In agony
Sinking to the bottom of this pool

There is no beginning
And no end
It's circular and cyclical
There's always some more fuel

Blink, dizzily
What exactly is happening?
No one can tell the truth
No one is even there at all
All of this is some strange fantasy
Where all alone,
Left to wander, without home
Everything surreal
And yet the pain is real
But that is all.

I start to fall
The stars fade away
Above me
Try to grasp the ledge
But just brush air.

Vacant stare.
But falling is just floating
And there's really no directions.
Cannot hit the bottom
There's no up or down.

There is no beginning
And no end
What exactly is happening?
All of this is some strange fantasy.

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