Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sin Eater

I am clear, and free
A boundless spirit
Rising up to the stars
My soul is the brightest white,
Universal love-light.

I could go on, weightless, forever
If the walls didn't close in,
The gallows form
Not of my making.

My soul is pure
But right here
Others walk like shadows,
Unable to absolve their grief,
Hearts shrouded in blame,
Unready, unwilling
To look beyond their pain.

And though I shy away
I know,
There's only so far I can go.

I am a modern day sin eater,
Swallowing others' pain
So they can live again
With hearts light,
Touch the pulse of the Universe
Before they fall again.

Make this cycle end.
Anger, fear, and hate
Are slow, black poisons,
Clog veins like tar
Block out the light.

I choke on this vile waste,
Sewage of a soulless age,
Sit back to digest,
Slowly cleanse my spirit.
Find the light again.

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