Saturday, December 3, 2011


Even white light
So bright
The sky one shade
The ground fades
Colours lost to notice
And grey stone graves
Old, untended
But one small boy
Sitting there with a bag
By his side
Staring eyes
I recognize him
Stop, I know him
But there's no one there
And still he stares
And only I can see him
Vision fades
But still I travel
On the road amidst the graves

Suddenly, it's not so empty
Standing on each grave
Men and women
All dressed in black
Clothes from many ages
Eyes, blank staring straight ahead
I can't avoid their stares
No one else can see them
Staring with some purpose
But fear is far away
Enter strange calmness
As I travel past the graves

The air is still
It's cool and scentless
Nothing here but men and women
Dressed in black
Grey gravestones
Sky pale white with back light
Wondering how far this graveyard stretches
Wrapping brave fingers around calm

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