Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Two One

Why are you sad?
I'm not.
But you're crying.
Because you and I
Have so much in common
Our relationship is complicated
It has been since the beginning
Just in the way we met
But we are like two magnets
In a gentle game
Of attraction
Positive and negative
And I want us to be like two droplets
On a single leaf
We weave a delicate dance like flower petals
I want to let down my guard
Fall into your eyes
We become to moving parts of the same machine
Revolving around one another
I want to slip into a place
Where we become one
Through fluid movements
We can step in perfect harmony
Flow through a flawless waltz
I want to become just an extension
Of a single will
Where you and I
Create such a chemistry of cohesion
That no one can tell us apart
I want to open my heart
Bare my soul
To you
 I want you to brush away
My insecurities
Wrap me in your strong embrace
Tell me that I'm loved
So that you and I

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