Thursday, August 11, 2011

In this Moment

This curtain opens
To sun rays straining to get in
The sunlight dances on me like diamonds
Soothes me like lotion
And yet I grow weary of the never ending
Transitioning from day to night
Night to day

My soul is a song
But my body wearies
Aches and pains of aging
I look in the mirror
To see a colorless figure
In a variegated world
And I think that is not me
The glass separates us as I reach out
Because I am not bound

I can soar near the stars
And dance in prismic psychedelic light,
each movement is a work of poetry
Each feeling is an orchestral harmony
Each footfall a drumbeat

I feel myself immersed in the cycles of the moon
The fast rotations of night to day
Day to night
I get caught up in this moment
The softness of light on my skin
The shimmering that meets my eyes
As the rays make their way in
As I tie the curtain

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