Wednesday, August 31, 2011


How we see ourselves:
I am walking along
In the summer heat
Wondering how
To make all the ends meet
Hyper aware of passers-by
Afraid anyone
Will meet my eye
They are probably seeing
Some old bum
Who has tangled bed-head
And is dressed really poor
They probably scoff as they pass
Wondering why I would go out
Looking like that
They judge me right on the spot
As if clothes make up
What we are and we're not

How others see us:
Look at the beautiful girl walking by
She has it all
And she won't meet my eye
Because she knows what a loser I am
Look at that confidence
The way she holds herself
I wish for once I felt
Like I had it all
But now I am late for work
Because I wish it was my day off
Like her
That I could walk along in the sun
With a bottle of Coke and sunglasses on
But instead I am trying to make ends meet
Look at her having fun
Beating the heat
I bet she didn't even notice me

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