Friday, August 19, 2011

Mad World

This is a mad mad world
And we are supposed to live in fear
Terrorists at every turn
Nighttime rapists in the park
Lock your doors after dark
Bolt windows tightly
There are acts of terrorism everywhere
There is no one we can trust
We should not hug our children anymore
We might feel tempted to abuse them
Why are our children so disturbed?
Why do they have ADHD?
Why are they emotionally distant?
Why do they cause trouble on the streets
Turn to drinking, drugs, and violence?
It must be terrorists
They are living among us
Leeching away our happiness
We stay home within the cells
We locked ourselves
Bolted from the inside
We sit and watch TV
And there we see all the terrorism
And we are supposed to live in fear
This is a mad mad world

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