Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crystal Dance

The lights are starry bright
Like water droplets
Crystal chandeliers
Suspended by chains
Invisible like spiderweb
The colours reflect in your hair
Sparkle in your eyes
So deep like the ocean
Pools like foreign seas
Hold mysteries
A connection between you and me
We move in one motion
Perfect harmony
Become one body
Our footsteps echo
One voice
Music like fairy harps
Gentle bell or flute
Dreamy dancing
This is a fairytale come true
Silvermoon light shimmerin gown
Glowing air
Loose curls of hair
Cool atmosphere, not cold
But as if surreal
We glide above the floor
In perfect step
Other dancers
Are mere shadows
Of this perfect dance
There is only you and I tonight
Sharing one soul
Perfect flow
Willing this to be
More than just a dream
Don't let me wake up
On sheets of cotton
Pillows of down
To face an empty room
And images fading away
With the touch
Of sun's early morning kiss

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