Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Government Office

Enter Government Office.

Worker: [Standard Greeting] What can I help you with?
You: I have this [Government Document].

Document is given to Worker.

Worker: Is your address [Personal Information]?
You: Yes.
Worker: Is this [Private Information] correct?
You: Yes, it is my understanding that [Reference to Government Policy], therefore [Logical Conclusion.]
Worker: Very well, can I see your [Assumed Personal Identification Card Based on the Conversation so Far]?

Required Identification is presented for examination. Worker scrutinizes the image against your face.

Worker: Here is your copy of [Government Form]. You can expect your [Desired Service] by [Vague Date Which is Subject to Change].
You: [Insincere Expression of Appreciation].
Worker: [Insincere Salutation and Well-Wishing].
You: [Reciprocal Remark].

Exit Government Office.