Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not Forgotten

Me alone
I wanted this
Left alone
An empty fist
No more bottles
No more booze
No drugs or sex
Nothing to loose
Dreaded inlaws
Bad movies, cars,
Rock and roll, or cheap cigars
Lies and cheating
I’ve seen it all
You want to talk
You had a ball
Walking all over my conscience and
Smoozing me with fake contraband
You fucking liar
You lousy cheat
Grow some balls
Stand on your feet
Look me square into my eyes
Tell me again your stupid lies
And where you once found kindness, love
You’ll now see
None of the above
There is no pity
No sympathy
My eyes are cold
Because you’re dead to me
I’ve not forgotten
My regret
If I forgive
I won’t forget

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