Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cosmic Dreams

For E and Troy and Vicki

I remember all my shooting stars
Shining so bright, lighting the way,
But the atmosphere was too great 
And space was too dark,
So they fizzled away.

And I want to be a rising star
But I feel like my orbit is too low,
And my spark is too small.
I try to shine brightly
But the darkness closes in
Threatening to engulf me.

Where are all my shooting stars?
They shined so brightly 
But too soon they were gone,
Leaving me all alone
In this empty vacuum of space,
Thinking, wondering, dreaming,
Cast upon a different path.

I am no star,
Just a faithful planet
Plodding my course,
My path preset by fate,
Dreaming I was a shooting star.

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