Monday, November 22, 2010


*November 21, 2010 - Full (Blue) Moon


November 21st

Adieu, adieu, moon round and blue, your belly plump from sloth, drift sleepily across the heavens, blue from winter's frost. And following your lead, my head finds pillows soft, to dream blue dreams, tonight's new dreams, before you must be off.

November 22nd

Waning moon with belly round, casting moonlight on the ground, leads me home all safe and sound. Paths that I do travel most, make companions of us both, as we make our merry way, through the night though bright as day.

November 23rd

Waning moon with icy glow, casting shadows far below, where the city lies in sleep, frosty night of slumber deep. Starry gaze with careful eye, ever watchful of the sky, it seems its just the moon and I, left awake to ponder why.

November 24th

Where are you oh moon of white, the silvery beams that pierce the night? It seems that you have gone away, hidden in a sky of grey. All that's white are the clouds' tears, frozen by the atmosphere, softly blanketing the ground, landing gently with no sound.

November 25th

Moon that's ever changing shape, stars twinkle on your black night cape, as it billows round your silver form, as you hurl on like a winter storm. The nighttime sky serves as your road, running circles 'round my abode, passing by night after night, to shower me with your radiant light.

November 26th

Waning moon out of my sight, sheds silver slivers night by night, hidden under blackened shroud, high above the winter cloud. No longer round and full and bright, a growing darkness, shrinking light. What darkness does night's cloak conceal, what ancient mysteries could you reveal, to those who patient, willing wait, within your soft glow contemplate?

November 27th

A humble home on prairie nights, its breath trickling with steam, is quiet in the pale moonlight, the moon's soft silver beam. In awe its windows gape at the cloudless star-filled sky, and watches as the moon grows thin, and thinner by and by.

November 28th

Breath suspended like a cloud, the moon evades my gaze, the winter sky within its shroud, waits for warmer days.

November 29th

Silver sphere where did you go?
Behind a wall of heavy snow
And dust-grey clouds
Which only grow
When the cold north wind doth blow.

November 30th

December's eve, and powdery snow, falls on the silent earth below. In the sky no moon is spied, tonight again its light will hide.

December 1st

The sun sets slowly, the moon not out, the world is frozen, beyond a doubt. I sit and wait, under skies clear, to see the moon, pass over here.

On Odin's night the traveling moon flies through the heavens clear, And makes its way just like each night, for 13 moons a year! It appears the slightest smile, and not a full-fledged grin. For soon its cloak will hide it all, before it's born again!

December 2nd

A perfect circle round and full, is what I'm waiting for. Though you may think I'll say the moon, tonight pizza is the score.

December 3rd

Moon almost obscured from view, a cape of darkness you can't shine through, I'll wait a few more nights for you, in your silent game of peek-a-boo.

December 4th

Black cloaked lady, hides from sight, the darkest of 28 nights. Shy lady, do not hide your head, come out and dazzle us instead!

December 5th

Moon that has been lost from sight, your absence is the darkest night. Your china face not in my view, reminds me daylight hours are few. It makes me want to rest my head, but I must finish tasks instead!

December 6th

Darkness falls as swift as death, the frozen air captures my breath. The moon peaks out with wary eye, wishing for a warmer sky.

December 7th

The moon peaks out, watching over me, and all the land, and all the sea. The night is dark, the north is cold, the moon reborn after growing old.

December 8th

Like hide stretched round upon a drum, big is the moon, big like the sun, white against the black of night, this vision creeps within my sight.

December 9th

The moon is waxing, like candles, shedding tiny beads, growing fatter slowly, white and glowing, lighting up this December night.

December 10th

Lady when you beam at me why do you hide as well? Hold out your glowing hand where your beams already fell. I will take your hand and together we will step, across the haze of winter skies, where your silver robes have swept. Our dance will become legend, put the polar lights to shame. The morning sun will blush and the sky will go aflame. And as the world sighs, inhales the start of day, your twinkling breath hangs in the air, as sleep bids you away.

December 11th

Eyes skywards, I drift up to the clouds, draw the across the sky like drapes, the moon and I ride through the night, maidens in billowing capes. Each star a candle in a forest of black, we sweep spiraling through the Milky Way. A silver river of starlight, carrying us to the break of day. We swim through the rapids and the whitecaps. We careen over a waterfall, we land safely in the Little Dipper; below us, it cushions our fall.

December 12th

The cold gales of winter dance through the streets
Like sugar plum fairies on icy feet.
They whisper and frolic and shriek as they play,
Then they swirl and they twirl and they scamper away.
The only witnesses other than stars,
Are the Lady Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Mars.
Jupiter's gaze was still courting the Sun.
Pluto was sulking that his career was done.
...Mercury being first was always too vain,
To wonder what happened on Earth seemed insane!
And the Sun was asleep for a long winter's night,
Uranus and Neptune engaged in a fight.
And of all of the witnesses the Moon alone,
Was the slightest concerned by the playful cyclone
Of icy breath blowing, boisterous breeze blustering,
A squall of great force filled with willful mustering.
The china-faced Lady, the lily-white Moon,
Watched the wind's teenage tantrum and the damage hewn.
She shed tears of silver moonlight on the world below,
Until the first galiant rooster attempted to crow.
Then the Sun shattered from slumber returned to the sky,
Illuminating the land where the gales dared to fly.

December 13th

Moon of silver, stars of gold, fire 'gainst the icy cold. The darkness, greedy, engulfs each one, my weary body sighs day is done.

December 14th

Sky in shady layers of gray, the moon again will hide away, behind the fluffy layers and sleep, through night and day without a peep.

December 15th

Where oh where art thou oh moon? It seems the storms have come too soon, and I am left to search the haze, for shorter nights and longer days.

December 16th

Oh moon, today I went 700 miles, but never saw your smiles, nor even a thin-mouthed grin. The sky and earth, a matching set of white, then faded to gray with night, and you cloaked somewhere within.

December 17th

Skies of satin starry black, I gaze upon the moon at last. Breeze so light it could be spring, the wonders BC winters bring. My journey done, and greetings said, I lift my feet and rest my head. I gaze upon the moon and sigh, to know vacation now is nigh.

December 18th

Snow softly falling pale and white, replace the moon's calm glow tonight. The world falls sleepy to their beds, wore and weary, tired heads. The moon, too, lounges in pillowy clouds, mutely rests amongst dreaming crowds.

December 19th

Gazing at the December moon, the clouds will cover it again soon, and snow will fly in flurries white, for a hushed sleep this silent night.

December 20th

Almost full, almost round, casting shadows on the ground, the moon is high, the clouds are low, forming shadows down below.

December 21th

Full, robust, the Yuletide moon, who shies behind the haze too soon. She peaked from behind mountains tall, then did not show her face at all!


*December 21, 2010 - Full Moon
*December 21, 2010 - Total Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse will be visible throughout most of eastern Asia, Australia, the Pacific Ocean, the Americas, and Europe. The eclipse will be visible after midnight in North and South America. Since the Moon will be almost directly overhead from these locations, this should be an excellent chance to view a rare total lunar eclipse.(NASA Eclipse Information)
*December 21, 2010 - The Winter Solstice occurs in the northern hemisphere at 23:38 UT. The Sun is at its lowest point in the sky and it will be the shortest day of the year. This is also the first day of winter.

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