Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beyond Wrath and Envy

I fought with them in mind games
Winning and losing
In shades of grey
But experience had boxed me into
A black and white world
Unable to do grayscale
I surrendered
And thought I had won
Envy often played my emotions
Like a fiddle screeching abuse
I lost myself in the lies
Unable to discern truth
But who would know
It was Wrath whose claws sunk deep
Leaving anger like a blistering sunburn
A smoldering coal
Bubbling froth
Wafting smoke
I lost
I was lost
The path back unlit
I stumbled for the light
And stumbled
And stumbled
And stumbled
I couldn’t give up
So I stumbled
Until light seeped in like a fine mist
And I toed a sliver of silver
A path through infinite night

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