Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Dream

At night I go to sleep
And dream of a black-faced beaming woman
Who is better than me in every way

And in my dream I post a picture of me holding an eagle feather
To cheer up a good friend
And I get called a racist
But then I go to my friend and both of us wrap ourselves up in a star blanket
To dance under the northern lights

Meanwhile, all is not well in Gotham city
A villain has plans to ruin some political bigwig's media circus
By wiring the area with a dangerous electrified explosive
Luckily I have done some fancy legwork
And the authorities were called
Just in time to "diffuse" the situation
And I wonder why I am a teacher when clearly I should be
A private eye

I also have a dark secret
I steal away to public washrooms
To try things I've seen on YouTube videos
Like putting water on ultra absorbent disposable diapers
To see if they really swell to 4 times their regular size!

And then I wake up
And my mouth is dry
To a darkened sky
And I wonder why
And my thoughts drift
To the black-faced beaming woman
Who is better than me in every way that counts

And I wonder if I could ever post a picture holding an eagle feather
And not be called a racist
Or is that not something a M├ętis should do?
And I wonder if anyone else at 2am
Is wondering about fantastical things from dreams
And wishing they could be wrapped up in a star blanket
Dancing beneath the northern lights

Because crime doesn't pay
We need to learn to build peace
And do what makes us happy
Even if it is diaper experiments
In public washrooms 
Or making someone smile
At the cost of your reputation

If we cannot dance in star blankets
Perhaps we can weave a hammock out of starlight
To rock us back to sleep
So we can dream fantastical things
Until the morning's rays come to warm our face 

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