Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ghost Eyes

White man wanders over the land and seas like a pale ghost
So why
Do I look into the eyes of children
And see that they are ghosts too
Lost like me on the winds of change
Stuck in a time almost forgotten
Wild hair
Soulful eyes
So wide
So troubled
Wandering with the wind
Ghosts of a place long forgotten
Thrown away
Like a tattered kite
Left to the devices
Of the harsh North Wind

There are no secrets here
Where big brown eyes
Tell no lies
Burn with insatiable hunger
Search for a cure
And all I have is this tattered broom
Trying to sweep away
The scars of history
Which re-tracks mud
Faster than I can sweep
Ripping dust from the Earth, herself
Plastering it on floors, and walls, and windows
Under the cloudy sky

There is nothing here
Except ghosts
They plague my dreams
Waken me each morning
Things I'm not ready to understand
Lashing out with tongues
As harsh
As the North Wind
Plastering my face with frozen tears
There are no secrets here
Ghost eyes
Haunting me

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