Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Conspiracy Theorist

Don't be such a conspiracy theorist!

In the magazine I read
A person who believes in one conspiracy
Is more likely to believe many

This is a serious illness
Of the Mind,
You should seek treatment!

But as a subtext...
It reads
That this mindset would not exist
In a world without real conspiracies

Now that is a conspiracy!

Forgive me while I put on my foil hat
Cover my face from the cameras

These conspiracies exist
Because we are still not free
To be
Who and what we desire
Always bombarded with images
Of what we should become

Never satisfied
We eat and don't feel full
We do and still feel bored
We live in instant gratification
But when was the last time you truly felt gratified?

Deep inside
There are hollow places, never filled

So yes, I'm ill

I am so sick and tired
Of feeling disconnected
Feeling isolated
But still not gratified

I need to simplify

Go back to my roots
Stick up new shoots

That is what life is for
We are constantly shifting

If that makes us conspiracy theorists
I wish there were more

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