Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Letting Go

Image from: http://www.designflavr.com/Stardust-Philipp-Schilling-i172/

We are as chained
As we choose to be
We are as lost
As we let ourselves be
I am a free spirit
I jump and laugh and yell
I turn heads
Receive stares
Sometimes swear
But I am happy
I want to be
More than these 2 feet
2 arms
1 head
My heart overflows with a world of love
My mind dreams
My spirit soars
I am an eagle
I am a tiger
I am a dolphin
I am sun and moon and stars
I am the wind
The earth
The water
I hold the Universe in my belly
I sing babes to sleep
I crow the morn's first light
I taste the rain
The ocean spray
The dust storms
I rush with hurricane force
Move mountains
Form islands with molten hands
Cloak myself in fog
Live on eternal
I am light
I am darkness
I am ALL
All is ONE

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