Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Dream

Image by: Josephine Wall

I saw a rainbow
Prismed in Victoria Falls
Saw black clasp hands with white
Neither flinching
I looked into the eyes of poverty
Became unable to turn away
Watched smiles unfold
Looked into the hearts of the many
Saw joy, not despair
Was overcome with love
I let my wishes be washed to sea
Let my prayers be answered
Let go of the things that chained my spirit
Held a newborn babe
Sat with the old and wise awhile
I danced at dawn
And again at dusk
Sang praises to the heavens
Whispered poetry to the wind
I shook hands with the elite as equals
Looked them square in the eye
And held my ground
I spoke for 1,000,000 unheard voices
Then woke up in my own bed
Too soon the dream faded away


  1. I like that a lot. (I'm happy to hear about school! That's fan-fing-tastic!)