Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sometimes I wish I could get inside another's head
Just sit there and listen to their thought streams
With them unaware
Just sit in silence
Let thought after thought, feeling after feeling
Roll around their heads
See if sometimes they think the same things,
Feel the same things
I want to know
Do they ever feel alone?
Do they ever panic that they can't get other people to understand them?
I want to know
Do they lie awake at night
Thinking about what they could have done better?
Do they have dreams so much bigger than themselves
That they get consumed?
I want to know
I'm not the only one who thinks this way.
It's the loneliest thing to be human.
No amount of company can ever make you feel less alone,
Because you don't know
All the thoughts of the others riding the subway.
You can't feel how others feel in the dark of night.
You can't see their dreams
Or their sadness and fears.
I want to know.

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