Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Shaman's Trial

I was journeying again
And dreamed in the master Dream
The world rose up to meet me
And things are never as they seem
I dreamed that I was full of fear
And that I ran away
But in running I found shelter
And a loving place to stay
I dreamed of cultures immersed in time
And time itself was strange
I saw creatures who plagued all the earth
And they were widely ranged
Each creature was an insect which fed upon our fears
They burrowed deep inside us
And filled our hearts with tears
To overcome these creatures
You must learn to forgive
Every single living thing
Live and let live
To overcome these creatures
All you have to say
Is “I accept you as you are”
And love them in this way.
Then there is only light inside,
No insects burrowing deep.
And joy fills every human heart
Causing it to leap.

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