Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cherish Each Moment

i dreamed a dream just for today
that all my doubt would fade away
i am the moon, the stars, the sun
the universe, and everyone

we should not hate
or we'll hate ourselves
we should live
with love, heart-felt
when you hurt me,
then you hurt you
now does it seem
the right thing to do?

the world is hurting deep inside
with emotions that we try to hide
war and violence
we discriminate
we build our prisons
out of hate

but if we look,
and truly see
we would know
the earth's beauty
we would cherish each moment
and when it's gone
cherish another
going on and on

we are one
so release fear
release anger,
and bring love near
because it is all that we need
to conquer selfish hate and greed

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